Love her or Hate her? Britney in Belfast

It’s the morning after and we’ve just woke up to reading not so good reviews of Britney on Twitter and Facebook. And we wonder if we were at the same concert?
Yes, the turnout was disappointing with a lot of available standing space and plenty of empty seats at the back, and that wasn’t even using the whole of the Odyssey for the show. But we had a great night singing and dancing along to most of the great Femme Fatal album (which we love by the way) with a lot of previous hits thrown in. The crowd around us certainly gave Britney a lot of screaming and squealing every time she came over to our side of the Odyssey. Everyone looked like they were having a great night, especially the mad girls in one of the photos below, big shout out to you girls!
The action was non stop from start to finish with a lot of props and costume changes and the set was amazing. It almost looked like the stage wasn’t big enough for everything though. We thought the show started off slow and we questioned if it was the curse of the Odyssey, but it just got better and better and in the end we just want to see it all over again!
I would wonder though…if the promoters had charged a bit less for tickets would she have been able sell out the Odyssey at full capacity rather than only 3/4 fill a venue which was only being used at 3/4 capacity?






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2 thoughts on “Love her or Hate her? Britney in Belfast


    (October 26, 2011 - 9:57 am)

    Your pictures are RUBBISH lol


      (October 26, 2011 - 10:08 am)

      I aim to please 😉

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