Local creatives team up to inspire you! 

Bushmills® Irish Whiskey have launched their #AnswerTheCall series which partners with local businesses to create bespoke products and inspire others to get creative. 

This week their first partner was announced as The Bearded Candle Makers who have created a Black Bush whiskey scented candle. 

Michael Morris and Mark Kelly, collectively known as The Bearded Candle Makers, who trade at my weekend workplace St George’s Market, have teamed up with Bushmills® Irish Whiskey to create an exclusive whiskey scented candle as part of the #AnswerTheCall series.


The #AnswerTheCall series sees Bushmills® Irish Whiskey partnering with local creators, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and adventurers to celebrate their stories and inspire others to fulfil their true calling. And I’m all up for that kind of thinking!

Anyone who knows my own journey would know I’m a big supporter of entrepreneurs who get away from the regular office job to create their own journey in life, on your own terms. I’ve done it myself, left a job in the Civil Service after 25 years and gone solo. I’ve left the desk job and created something I’m hugely proud of.  All that energy and creativity which reappeared after I turned 40 was let loose to create Belfast Times both as a blog and as a stall at St George’s Market. My drive and my passion for both Belfast Times and my designs which sell both in St George’s Market and in a number of Northern Ireland shops has meant that I’m working on my own terms. And it’s the best feeling ever! Yes it’s risky, I’ve had wobbles, I’ve come close to walking away in the early days, but I believed that what I was doing was a bit different and that need to create my own thing was a big driver. I couldn’t go through my working life without having something to feel proud of, something I did all by myself.

25 years as a civil servant taught me loads and I don’t have a single regret about it. The various jobs over the years have taught me so much, it’s like it was all a journey I had to go through to reach that point when I could move on and do my own thing.


Every weekend at my stall in St George’s Market where I’ve traded for almost 6 years, I see new entrepreneurs arrive to trade and grow their business ideas; one of them being The Bearded Candle Makers. Michael and Mark have continued to develop a great brand and are now taking part in #AnswerTheCall.

As part of the Bushmills #AnswerTheCall campaign there will be a series of collaborator events this year. Each event will celebrate those who have defied convention to follow their own path, and aim to inspire undiscovered talent to ignite and follow their own individual passions. 

If you’re interested you can find out more about the #AnswerTheCall event series and the local talent involved on social media @BushmillsUK or on www.answerthecall.co.uk 

In the meantime, just go for it. At least you can say you’ve tried, and you’ll never regret the things you have done, only the things you haven’t.


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