Fun facts about pizza and local restaurant Little Wing

Northern Ireland’s home-grown pizzeria chain, Little Wing, opens its seventh restaurant in Lisburn and we popped in for a preview meal ahead of its Lisburn Square launch.

Selling over one million pizzas to date, it isn’t surprising that the local restaurant chain knows a thing or two about creating a great pizza!

We haven't been to Little Wing since the Bangor restaurant opened a number of years ago, and it seems we've been missing out on great pizza, great desserts and a great local success story. If you love a good pizza then you can't not love Little Wing.

Check out these fun facts about pizza and Little Wing:

  1. Little Wing serves Northern Ireland's biggest pizza which is a whopping 24 inches in diameter! But it’s still a little bit off the world’s biggest pizza in recorded history which was baked by five Italian chefs in 2012 and had a circumference of 131 feet or over 1500 inches.
  2. August is Happiness Happens month, and if your happiness is pizza then we know where you should go – Little Wing Pizzeria has just been crowned the best pizza in Belfast as voted for by the people of Belfast.
  3. The modern pizza, as we know it, originated in Naples, Italy, back in the 1700s when cash-strapped peasants topped flat focaccia bread with fresh tomatoes.  That's why Little Wing pizzas are Naples-inspired, to bring that authentic flavour and taste to their customers.
  4. Since first opening in Northern Ireland, Little Wing has sold over 1,250,000 pizzas
  5. Little Wing offers 23 different pizza toppings from Milano salami to portobello mushrooms to artichoke hearts, but one is by far the most favourite topping – pepperoni, of course.
  6. Some of the first pizzas created were sweet not savoury. A Little Wing freshly baked pizza bread smothered with Nutella and a scoop of ice cream for dessert? Yes please!
  7. Little Wing has raised over £66,500 for charity since opening.  In preparation for the grand opening in Lisburn, Little Wing opened for a week of dry run sessions in aid of a range of local charities, community groups and clubs. During this week it aimed to generate over £6, 000 for the local clubs and charities.

For further information visit, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook @LittleWingPizza.

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