Legally Blonde at The Grand Opera House

Legally Blonde The Musical arrived in the Grand Opera House this week to bring the audience a huge dose of fluffy pink campness in this musical version of that 90’s comedy starring Reese Witherspoon.

This is the pinkest thing you’ll see on stage this year, with a set that looks inspired by Barbie and over the top characters who could potentially offend at every turn if it wasn’t all so cartoon-like and fluffy.

Lucie Jones as Elle Woods is flawless in the role as a Malibu fashionista Elle Woods; Bill Ward arrives on stage with a cheeky glint in his eye, almost panto like; Rita Simons is fantastic as Paulette Bonafonte, you can’t help but love and root for Paulette; the whole cast bring so much energy to stage the first set flies by in a flash. Helen Petrovna is particularly impressive in her skipping scene, so much energy!

The two dogs are the stars though. It’s clear from the audience reaction that I’m not the only one who thinks this as well. Every time they appeared there was an audible reaction of adoration.

And of course the legendary Bend and Snap is in there, it was always the stand out moment in the movie. I’m sure there were a few of the audience practicing it after the show.

If you want to go and enjoy a night at a crowd pleasing musical packed with high energy pinkness and fun, then you’ll have a fantastic night, but….

There are plenty of cringe moments in this musical, which raised laughs. I’m not sure if the laughs were a nervous audience reaction or not. But you might end up leaving thinking the characters are dated and the portrayal of negative stereotypes in the name of comedy isn’t for you. But that might just be me! I loved Legally Blonde when the movie was released, but now I need to rewatch it, just to see how it’s aged.

As always, theatre is there to challenge us, it always pushes different buttons for different people, even musical theatre.

If you go to see Legally Blonde, let me know you think, because I suspect I’m on my own and over analysing what is a happy and fun night of musical theatre!


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