Review: Lacoste L!ve


Review: Lacoste L!ve

Lacoste Live (or L!ve) is the latest fragrance in the Lacoste range to arrive in Gordons Chemists. The new Procter and Gamble men’s Eau de Toilette for Lacoste launched in Spring 2014.

The first thing that strikes you is the packaging and bottle. Housed in a cube of black, red and white it’s a minimalist design with a matching blue cube bottle with the iconic Lacoste crocodile and Live branding.

This new direction for Lacoste men’s fragrance contains notes of lime, green leaves, aquatic notes, Guaiac Wood and dark liquorice.  It’s not the light summery fragrance I would expect from a Spring/Summer launch with fresh lime topnotes, but the wood and liquorice basenotes definitely stand out and linger with this masculine scent. That’s a good thing as sometimes summer fragrances just dont have staying power and the scent disappears quickly. I can still smell Lacoste L!ve on my skin 3 hours later, and for me, that’s a winner!!

I just need to get my hands on a tube of their body wash and that’ll be me sorted, you’ll smell me from a mile off….but in a good way!!

Here’s the official line from the Global Marketing Director:

“The new Lacoste L!VE fragrance is a whole new chapter for LACOSTE fragrances. The unique design, concept and holistic campaign appeal to a more urban consumer seeking authenticity and creativity. That’s why creativity is at the heart of the new Lacoste L!VE fragrance; from the way LACOSTE and P&G Prestige have collaboratively developed the flacon, the juice and the innovative global campaign. Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige.”

Check out this behind the scenes footage from the making of the advert:

Available in 2 sizes: 40ml at £29 and 100ml at £47 from your nearest Gordons Chemist both in store and online here.

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