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What springs to your mind when you hear the word Detox??

IMG_1090.JPGFor me, the words I immediately thought were: hungry, cleansing, challenging. What I didn’t expect was to crave solid food quite so much! Including dreaming about it!

My 3 day juice detox from Ju-Tox arrived on a Friday and as I wasn’t starting it until Monday, I was advised to freeze it. Then the night before I could lift out my four daily juices to defrost for the next day.

First of all was the horror of actually realising I couldn’t eat solids for three days!! 3 whole days!

Sunday night came and I lifted the four juices out of the freezer.

Monday and off we go!

The times were 9am for the green juice, 12 noon for the orange juice, 3pm for the green juice again and 6pm for the purple juice, and lots of water.

And again for Tuesday and Wednesday.


So what happened?

My energy levels quickly started to plummet by the end of the first day. 900 calories a day isn’t a lot if you’re working.

I was never really hungry, I just craved solid food so incredibly much that I was dreaming about it on the first night.

Tuesday morning was tough, I nearly gave it all up. I was drained of energy and just wanted food, a banana would’ve done the trick, but I resisted and stuck with it. A quick message to ask if I was allowed green tea, a quick response saying yes, and things started to improve! By early afternoon after two of the day’s juices, my energy started increasing back to normal.

By Wednesday morning, everything was great! I was feeling good, the weakness and solid food cravings had gone and my body and mind was getting used to this new way of eating, or drinking juices that should really be!

I had started to get into the routine and was really enjoying it. The initial shock of three weird juices (spinach and kale, carrot and apple, and a berry one) quickly became the norm and by day three I was completely used to them.

It was very much a mental task as well as a physical one. You have to take on a detox and be committed to completing it.

IMG_0670.JPGSo what were the results?

I felt energised and buzzing for days after it.
I have learnt about food portion sizes as a result and am more aware about how much I need to eat rather than how much I want to eat.
I slept better in the week following the detox.

I also felt less bloated and leaner, it was hard to describe, almost like everything had shrunk. I was asked if I’d lost weight, but it’s hard to say, as I don’t own scales!

Would I do it again?
Absolutely! In fact I plan on drinking more home made juices/smoothies once I get organised with equipment. And now that I know I can make some in bulk and freeze them, well that’s just genius!

Jutox recommend a detox every 4-6 weeks. Once you order, they cold press the juices fresh (more nutrients that way) and get them sent out to you with free delivery. The ingredients are exactly what they say on the bottle, nothing added at all.

A three day detox package is £65 and they also have a five day option.

Great service, great product, and another great NI business.

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