Treat your man to a style upgrade

Mention a personal stylist and you automatically think it’s a ladies only option. You’d be wrong.

I set the challenge for two personal stylists in the city centre to see if they could upgrade me a little.

The brief for both stylists was, can you find casual but smart clothes to fit my not so small 6 foot 5 frame.

Did the stylists in Debenhams and Victoria Square succeed in finding clothes I liked?

Clothes that were age appropriate, simple and stylish. No suits or trousers please, just an everyday capsule wardrobe to take me through late Summer and in to Autumn.

First up was Debenhams in Castle Court

It’s a totally free service, just get in touch with the store, book your appointment and turn up. When you arrive, your stylist will assess what you need and quickly gather a selection of clothes from Debenhams.

In your private changing area, the stylist will come and go with clothes while you try on and select what you like. You’re under no obligation to make any purchases, you get the opportunity to experiment if you want, you don’t have the hassle of finding clothes and going back and forward to a changing room, it’s all brought to you while you relax and try on new Debenhams trends in your private room. It’s pretty awesome!!

My stylist did struggle to get me jeans or chinos long enough to fit my long legs, actually there was nothing in store, but I got some great short sleeve shirts, t shirts and shoes which became my late summer wardrobe.

Next up was Victoria Square.

Another great personal shopping experience but totally different, and a game changer for me? Why? Because there was so much to fit me and that was a revelation!

Katherin Farries, the Victoria Square Personal Stylist was an absolute pleasure to spend a few hours with experimenting and trying on what was my late summer and current autumn capsule wardrobe.

We played about with layers, colours, jeans and chinos, coats, jackets, t shirts, shirts and sweaters. Katherin had a whole rack ready and waiting for my arrival based on the extensive pre session questionnaire. She knew exactly what would fit and what colours would suit me, and she experimented with fashion brands and stores I wouldn’t even consider before. Em hello, CRUISE!!

I went along to Victoria Square expecting to get very little that would fit, maybe a shirt from H&M or something. What I ended up with was a rack of clothes I selected which fitted perfectly and worth £1000. Obviously this needed reduced hugely, like HUGELY! Victoria Square had given me an allowance to help me along with my fashion picks, but as tempting as it was, I wasn’t going to spend £1000. I deselected, and reduced my amazing capsule wardrobe down to an over budget £400 then was disappointed in it so much I had to add to it again, it ended up around £700!!! As I said, a HUGE overspend but worth it, very very worth it.

What worked for me?

Earthy colours or black worked best. Comparing the rail of clothes I selected with the rejects was interesting. I was definitely drawn to the darker end of the colour spectrum because the rejected rail was a rainbow of colour! They all suited me, but the darkness won. I guess I had my dark days of Autumn/Winter head on.

The biggest thing during my Victoria Square personal shopping experience was the fit. I got Levi’s jeans which where big on me, snug Armani Jeans which fit like a glove, great pieces from Cruise, a few H&M t-shirts, a fab jacket from Linea (House of Fraser) and a few Gant pieces.

There are a few Personal Stylist options with Victoria Square and with prices from £30 it’s very worth the cost. I went from being a total cynic and doubting I’d get anything to fit, to becoming a total convert who would happily go in and spend a few hours getting kitted out with a fantastic new season wardrobe. This could become an annual treat for me.

Find out more about Victoria Square options here.

Highly recommended!!


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