It’s a deal

There is a new phenomenon for this decade, and it’s gaining in popularity every day. Its all about getting the best deal. Deals are getting more and more popular in these recession hit days as businesses struggle to get customers in the door.
The ever popular Groupon deals in Northern Ireland have a few competitors hot on their heels with Living Social being the largest. Worldwide, both these deal breakers are huge business and they are really only just starting to make a dent in Belfast and beyond.
Local businesses are getting their business names out there to hundreds of people who didn’t know they existed and getting people through the doors to spend money. We have used plenty of Groupon deals so far, and regularly promote some of the better ones on our twitter account Belfast Times and also increasingly on our Facebook account The Belfast Times, both of which you should be following!
So if you want a bargain price beauty treatment, or a fun new activity to try out, or even somewhere new to eat. Keep an eye out for Groupon , Living Social, Daily Dealicious and Treat Ticket, oh and I’m sure there are others out there just waiting to tempt you to spend your cash.

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