Is Boston ready for Kaz from East Belfast!

Surely by now you know we have an abundance of musical talent in Belfast, and as a St George’s Market trader, I get to hear some of that talent live every Saturday and Sunday.

A few months ago, one of the guest singers, Kaz Hawkins, took the market by storm and had everyone on their feet and enjoying themselves. The atmosphere was electric and created an amazing buzz in the market.

Check out this video from Kaz.

Kaz is now spreading her music across the Atlantic, and heading to Boston to take some Belfast Blues to Boston University as part of an EastSide Arts international partnership programme.

The Boston partnership, which was developed from the New York New Belfast conference held in New York earlier this year, will feature Kaz talking to Boston University students about her life in Belfast and how it is has shaped her singing career as well as a performance with a group of musicians from Boston University. Kaz has been involved in the development of arts in EastSide along with East Belfast Partnership over the past 3 years.

Great to see Kaz heading to Boston University! Check out their site for more details here.

Note to Boston: prepare yourself for an amazing night!!


Getting ready for Belfast Blues at Boston University, were, from left Chair of the Institute for Irish Students at Boston University Professor Meg Tyler, Kaz Hawkins and Maurice Kinkead from East Belfast Partnership/ EastSide Arts.

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