Introducing Marshwiggle Way

Marshwiggle Way, the awesome name for a new pathway on the Connswater Community Greenway.

The public have submitted their suggestions, the naming panel have shortlisted and we’ve been voting to name 3 bridges and the new pathway. And we have to say, WE LOVE the names, especially Marshwiggle Way.

· Collyard’s Bridge

Collyard’s was the name given locally to the Orchard and the house that once existed in the grounds of Orangefield Park.


· Avalon Bridge

This word has links to east Belfast’s Van Morrison who has an album called ‘Avalon Sunset’. This album also includes the track Orangefield which was written about this particular area. Van Morrison grew up in this part of the City.


· Kingfisher Bridge

Kingfishers are one of the fantastic species of birds that live on the banks of the Knock River in Orangefield Park. Kingfishers are small unmistakable bright blue and orange birds. They fly low over water and hunt fish from riverside perches, occasionally hovering above the water’s surface.


· Marshwiggle Way

Marshwiggle are a race that inhabits the marshes of northern Narnia, south of the River Shribble from The Chronicles of Narnia books written by east Belfast man C.S. Lewis.

Puddleglum is the well-known Marshwiggle who is a lead character in The Silver Chair. His great strength is that even though he doesn’t always see how good can come of a situation he nevertheless will stay at his post, will do what needs to be done and in the Silver Chair his act of selfless heroism saves the whole enterprise.

The Greenway is a fantastic addition to the area and it’s great to see it being celebrated with names of paths and bridges linked to the local community.

On completion the greenway will provide 16km of new cycle and walkways and 23 new or improved bridges and crossings by mid-2017.

And we will be there to experience as much of it as we can, whether that’s by bike or walking or maybe there will be special running/walking events happening the length of it. Which obviously means we better start training now in preparation!!

Jeff Meredith

The Connswater Community Greenway is a £40 million funded project. It was conceived by the EastSide Partnership and is funded by Big Lottery Fund, Belfast City Council, Department for Social Development, DARD Rivers Agency, and management of the contract was taken on by Belfast City Council with agreement of all the partners.


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