Introducing beauty blogger: Cathy Martin

In the first of our beauty blogs, self-proclaimed Beauty Bitch Cathy Martin talks straight from the lip…

I’ve got big lips and I cannot lie… My full lips earned me a few names in school, some of them not so nice, and it wasn’t until years later at college in France that I realised having full lips was an advantage, a good thing – and indeed a sexy thing. I was compared to Beatrice Dalle, and even to Brigitte Bardot (I know, I’m nothing like her, but I loved that comparison when I was 20 or so) as lovely French boys filled me with compliments and charm trying to get me to pucker up.

Now, as I hit my forties, there’s no queue of French boys (thankfully, I’ve learnt to weed out the genuine from the manipulative compliment) and it’s natural that my lips’ youthful plumpness abates a little. There’s still plenty to pucker up with, and in this, my first blog as Belfast Times Beauty Bitch, I’m gonna be mouthy and share some lip tales.

First up – your lips need moisture. The more lip you have, the more delicate lip skin is exposed to the elements, so it’s important to keep the area well protected with a rich cream at night and preferably an SPF based cream during the day.

My absolute favourite lip cream for moisture is Crème de la Mer. At £45 per 9ml pot it is expensive, so it’s a once-a-year stocking filler for me, but you only need a teeny drop to cover the lips and feel moisturised. I remember the first time I tried it when House of Fraser opened in 2008, I felt a difference right away and have been a superfan since.

My second go-to for luxurious lips is the Eve Lom ‘Kiss’ pot, which is a lot cheaper at £16 for 7ml and available in Space NK in Belfast. The colour of this cream allows you to wear it almost as a gloss – and I love to wear it for daytime over a nude lip pencil such as MAC Oak, Naked or Subculture – sometimes I mix the three of these. In fact I’ve been wearing nude lip pencil since I was about 16 and was even doing liner and ombre lips way before the Kardashians were doing it – and I didn’t even know it was a ‘thing’.

For SPF, try Bobbi Brown’s SPF 15 balm – which comes in a cool metal tin, perfect for inside your ski gear.

I’m also an avid fan of trusty old Blistex – or Blisteze as it used to be known. I kinda miss the wrinkly metal tubes from years ago, but the simple white plastic packaging makes for easy and efficient application with little wastage.

So, now that we’re moisturised, let’s talk colour! As I’ve said, I’m a nude kinda girl, but I do appreciate a red (or even a pink or blue) on the right lip on the right occasion. For those who love red, a slick of traditional rouge on like the SENNA Venetian Red Cream Lipstick, £14.50 from local artist Oonagh Boman will vamp up any party look, and is particularly great on paler winter skin, so channel your inner Snow White or Maleficent and get it on!

Before applying colour, a great new product to try (literally just out this week) is the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base, a transparent base for lips, enriched with acacia microbeads to smooth out wrinkles, moisturise and prepare lips for longer-lasting colour. With ‪shea butter & jojoba plus plumping peptide, your lips will be smooth, moisturised and plumped to perfection – as well as primed for colour with one of the ‪fabulous ‪Clarins ‪Jolie Rouge ‪‎lipsticks… Available at Clarins counters nationwide priced £18.

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