Introducing Baako…

It’s been a Summer of mixed emotions at Belfast Zoo this year, with the loss of elephant Jenny last month and with the arrival of a whole new generation of animals during 2013.

Jenny was born in 1960, which made her Belfast Zoo’s oldest elephant. Jenny used to be a circus elephant, but retired to Belfast and became one of the oldest elephants in captivity in Europe.

Elsewhere in the zoo it’s been a steady stream of new arrivals, including Tamarin, Sea lion pups, Gentoo penguin and a baby Gorilla.

The latest news from the Zoo is that they have named their first Western lowland gorilla to be born at the zoo in 16 years. Let us introduce Baako, which means first born child.

We haven’t been to the zoo in a few years, but with news of all the new arrivals, a visit is imminent we think!!

Welcome to Belfast and the world Baako!


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