#InAshleighsShoes ‘Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ by Ashleigh Coyle

#InAshleighsShoes ‘Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ by Ashleigh Coyle

After receiving numerous encouraging & sweet messages since last Thursday’s blog, I thought I would do a slight continuation but focus on a few simple rules which have helped me.

For those who missed last week, you can catch up here

These almost sound silly, but when put into practice they seem to work a miracle and I just happen to be living proof.

1. Today is important, dress like it.
Appreciate life and that you were lucky to wake up this morning, so today is important and dressing like it will remind you.

2. You’ll never understand everything.
Unfortunately (says me!!!) everything happens for a reason and just sometimes, we’re often better to just accept it rather than working ourselves up day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, always ask questions, even if we can’t always get why.

3. Make a plan.
I write everything down. There is no truer motto than, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Make your plan, whether it is for the following day, next month or five years time, write it down and find ways of how this is going to be your reality.

4. Surround yourself with ambition & good vibes.
If I have learnt anything in the past six months, it’s surrounding myself with motivating people who have drive and ambition and above all, send out good vibes. They make me feel good and they do good by others – find people like this and keep them!

5. Speak only of positivity.
This goes without saying, the negativity even from my own mouth drains me emotionally and mentally. Start with one hour, think about each thing you say before actually saying it aloud and ensure it’s positive or a compliment. Your entire mindset begins to change.

6. Laugh and once you’re finished, laugh some more.
Do what it says on the tin. Find someone, a tv show, a book, yourself or absolutely anything that brings a smile to your face and use it. Use it until you laugh no more and need to find something else, nothing is as important as creating laughter & after all it’s usually contagious.

7. Welcome your emotions.
This sounds ridiculous & when I was first told of this, I, too thought so. But once I started putting it into practice, I found it actually worked. The theory goes that you’re to accept your negative feelings opposed to fighting them off, as this normalises it within your thinking and takes a lot less time for the emotions to pass.

8. Accept the past.
Name me a more cliché statement. I doubt you’d know of one but god is there anything more undeniable? It’s only recently through my therapists (she was the greatest of all great – she’s still alive, my sessions have just come to an end!) teachings that I learnt that without this acceptance, it is impossible to not only move forward but also let go.

Just a few tips if you’re having a bad week to carry you to next Thursday,

Lots of love,
Ash x

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