#InAshleighsShoes ’21 Life Lessons at 21′

I thought because I’m at such an important age (according to so many people) I’d take some time to figure out what lessons I’ve finally learnt after 21 years.

1. I’d be stupid to not start with the most cliché point of all – everything happens for a reason.
2. Animals are usually a lot kinder and loving than humans.
3. Looking after you is not selfish and neither is the word ‘no’.
4. As much as people like to emphasise it, blood really isn’t everything.
5. You’re never too old to learn something new, as they say, ‘everyday is a school day’.
6. Walking away is often the hardest thing to do but even more often, the right thing to do.
7. Choose happiness! Always choose happiness, love yourself and leave that job you hate for the pastime you love.
8. How people treat you is actually how they feel about you. If they appreciate you and want you in their life, they will make time for you.
9. Stress will affect your health one way or the other. Don’t forget to have ‘me time’ and don’t forget to stick at those things you enjoy.
10. Forgive everyone! You need to let go of your enemies and the hurt that they have caused you, the only person that is hurting, is you. Let it go.
11. Everything is down to your own perspective, I can find happiness in the smallest daisy in my front garden and anger in the most expensive items.
12. Never underestimate the power of a GIF, they make everything better. For those who aren’t quite caught up on technology, a simple text will do LOL.
13. Never lose yourself because of someone else and never settle. If you feel you can do better or if you even want to do better, well you most certainly can!
14. Relationships really are not that important nor are they all what they’re cut out to be. Memories with your girl friends will outshine and outlast any relationship.
15. It’s actually ok to screw up anything in one lifetime. We don’t have to sweat over the small thing because not everything has to be perfect. (I’m still trying to put this into practice)
16. I’ve realised how much can change in one week never mind one year, you really don’t need to be in a panic if your life isn’t perfectly planned or figured out just yet. Oh and it’s completely ok to ask for help along the way.
17. Photograph everything. I’m only 21 and my memory is already dreadful, I want everything documented to remember my good times. Matter of fact, my bad times also – just to appreciate how far I’ve come.
18. Question everything and never apologise for it. Just because a stereotypically intelligent person makes a statement, we are supposed to go along with it? No! Ask why, expand your mind and form your own opinions.
19. Laughter, meditation and singing at the top of your lungs in the car with your best friend really are the best cure for absolutely anything. The best laughs I’ve had have never cost me a penny, nor anyone else for that matter!
20. Being an adult is so damn hard. I’ve learnt times can be so difficult but the support around you is usually much stronger, I should also ALWAYS trust my gut, I need to remember to have fun and of course, mammy really does know best.
21. Stop concerning yourself with everyone else’s opinions of you, it is absolutely none of your business. Judgement in this world is absolutely inevitable. Not everyone has had the life experiences you have had the privilege of gaining, live and let live.

Thankfully in my lifetime I’ve had a lot more life lessons than specifically the 21 above but I think these are important for any age.

Follow your heart, catch your dreams & spread your love,
Ash x

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