I have to start this fat to fit journey again!

I have to start this fat to fit journey again!

That’s it, I’m going public, I need to get fit and get in a more streamlined shape again. 

I doesn’t get much simpler than that. I’m fed up hating photos of myself because I look chubby, I’m fed up seeing photos of my younger self looking a bit more streamlined. I’m fed up seeing guys and girls who get the buzz out of exercise that I used to get. I’m fed up watching and spotting fit people wherever I go, and thinking I wish I could get that back. I wish, for my health, I could be that guy I was 7 years ago when I started personal training with Neil McTeggart and fell in love with exercise and healthy eating, or even that guy 20 years ago when I first joined a gym at 27, 4 stone lighter, and discovered running, and exercise, and had targets and drive and determination.

I’m just fed up and this unhealthy increasing waist line has to be stopped in its tracks.

Local Inspirations 

I’ve had many people inspire me over the years, the latest is my new chum Aly Harte, she doesn’t know quite how much she inspired me on our recent press trip to Alicante with the Aer Lingus team (more on that in a later post). But Aly, got up each morning and went for a run and exercised on the beach. That’s what I want to be doing. Actually right after I finish this I’m going to go out into my back garden and do some lunges etc. Gotta start somewhere!

#alyweeklyworkout plyometric sand circuit. 🌊 Can be performed with shoes on or off and in any location. Do each move for 30seconds or like I did- 20 reps of each move except bear crawl which I did back + forward 5 times. – 3-5 rounds including all 4 moves. Rest in between (I took a good 45-60 secs rest). – •Jump tuck ( squat if easier). Land as soft as you can. Easier said than done in sand! • Bicycle legs. • Skater moves. Jumping left to right. My form is terrible in this because I only decided to film after my 4th round + was busted!! • Bear crawl. Working all parts of the body + I actually felt relieved to be doing them in the sand as they were the only move that felt in anyway natural moving the sand under my hands + feet. Location beach @alicante_city . Outfit @officialbetterbodies . – Remember I speed each video up for your viewing convenience. Do each move at your own pace. 💪🏼#SundayWorkout #AnywhereWorkout #LoveFitness

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I’ve already mentioned Neil McTeggart. I did get in touch with Neil earlier this year because I need help, I can’t do it on my own, but he’s so insanely busy and successful his schedule is full for the year.. I was so disappointed that I just ate more!! 

Then there’s Peter Love of LoveFitnessNI. I trained with Peter a few years ago and he started getting me back into fitness. I really don’t know what happened that I stopped training with him, but I shouldn’t have stopped! Actually I think it was having to drive from Bangor to Belfast every time. It was the best fun though! Peter is inspiring because he left his job to do what he always wanted to do, helping others to love fitness! 

And then there’s Brian Cahill, the brother of my chum Nicky. Brian has tried on a number of occasions to invite me along for a personal training session, but I just haven’t been ready due to injuries or mental health. Sorry Brian!! But his Instagram continually inspires me to want to get started moving again.

Quick run through of my winning challenge on Bar Wars Ireland #3. My time was 7.40 to complete. 10 bar muscle ups 20s handstand 10 pull ups +10kg 10 pistols es 20 dips +10kg 25 Burpees 30s Lsit. My weakest exercise was the handstand and it took me several attempts to accumulate the 20s. Also personally i felt my fitness could have been better and i want to knock at least 1.40 off my finishing time come bar wars 4. As part of Bar Wars Ireland with @c_ally_sthenics we can't wait to continuing building and increasing awareness of the calisthenics community within N.Ireland/Ireland. I expect the competition to have increased massively come BarWars4 as through our Facebook page @barwarsireland we have found some very highly skilled individuals across the the Island! #FRANKFIT #frankfitme #calisthenics

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The struggle 

  1. Costo chondritis has played havoc the last 3 years and the fear of making the costo pains worse have scared the crap out of me; why? Because they are chest pains. My brain didn’t understand they aren’t heart attack pains; it’s taken 3 years for that to ease!
  2. I don’t know where to start. I’ve lost all gym and exercise confidence. It’s tough going into a busy gym with apparently fit people all around and feeling like I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing any more! Even though I do know, Neil and Peter trained me well!
  3. Mental health. Exercising is probably the best thing for me, but when you just want to lie in bed under the quilt and hide from the world and have your own little private anxiety attack because that pain in your chest is still there; it’s hard to move never mind exercise. 
  4. My diet. What on earth went wrong!! I got lazy. That has to stop!

The new journey 

I’ve already started a journey of recovery by getting an allotment and I’ve been slowly rebuilding my muscles, chest and back issues by softly and slowly digging. I’ve been cycling to and from it as well. It’s only 10 minutes each way, but it’s more than I had been doing. 

Then Hastings Culloden Hotel offered me a get fit for summer programme to help out. To help get me back to where I want to be. I’m heading in this week to get a training programme designed to suit me. And with the help of some exercise knowledge from Neil, Peter, Brian and Aly, I don’t want to be gym fit, I want to rebuild my strength. I want to re learn how I can take my new routine everywhere with me, I want to be retrained so I can just step outside anywhere and do exercise using my body weight. I do not want to be on a treadmill or cross trainer or inside. But I guess I have to start that retraining inside for now.

And I do not want to see this chunky monkey looking at me in the mirror again. I did take a taps aff photo, but that will remain for my eyes only. To me, it’s scary!


Let this begin!

Wish me luck!


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