Hector McDonnell Exhibition

An exhibition featuring thirty unseen works by Hector McDonnell has just opened in the James Wray & Co gallery, James Street South, Belfast.

Hector McDonnell is one of the most respected painters working in Ireland today and his works have been exhibited all over the world. Hector isn’t the stereotypical artisan trying to make a living from his talent, as he is the youngest son of the Earl and Countess of Antrim, and he grew up in Glenarm Castle.

Hector is a keen traveller and this exciting exhibition depicts beautiful scenes from Italy, Spain, New York, Ireland, to name a few. With scenes showing colourful kitchens bursting with food and life, moody streetscapes, and wonderful snapshots of characters at work.

But it is in the minutiae of life, family and everyday existence where Hector is most at home, and it is these experiences that move him and make him want to paint.

This exhibition is a must see, as you will be totally immersed into the characters and undoubtedly question their role within the work.

You can contact the gallery on 02890 313013 or log onto www.jameswray.ie for further details.


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