Have a bubblicious day at the Global Bubble Parade

Have a bubblicious day at the Global Bubble Parade

A lot of press releases come our way at Belfast Times every day, some don’t fit or don’t interest us, but some just bring joy and make us smile at how simple but wonderful they are. This story about a Global Bubble Parade got us thinking happy wonderful thoughts and we just had to share its happiness.

The event is driven by a girl who is from Hong Kong but is currently studying at Queens as an International Student at present and she is organising the city’s first time taking part in a Bubble Parade.

On Sunday 28th May, Belfast joins cities and communities throughout the world in the Global Bubble Parade.

The global event, taking place in over 50 countries in 100 cities; is aimed at promoting happiness as a journey, community inclusiveness and spreading positivity.

We can often live our lives from day to day, deadline to deadline, goal to goal, the result is that we completely forget to enjoy it. Spreading happiness and positivity has never been as important as it is today.

Happiness is found in small simple things in daily lives, such as blowing bubbles. Uniting people in this simple, fun activity maximises the positive change they can bring to the world.

The parade, which is free of charge, will be taking place from 2pm on Sunday 28th May, meeting outside QUB and entering Botanic Gardens to continue the fun aimed at all ages, just make sure and BYOB – “Bring Your Own Bubbles”.

A number of free goodie bags will be handed out at the event, which will last for two hours.

For further information, visit www.facebook.com/bubbleparade.belfast/

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