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A new seasonal survey from HARP® lager has revealed that almost 80% of people in Northern Ireland describe themselves as ‘optimists’ showing that we really do ‘Look on Harp Side’.

The findings came to light in a festive survey conducted by one of Northern Ireland’s leading lagers Harp to uncover ‘What defines a Northern Irish Christmas?’. The study also revealed that 64% of us have more fun at Christmas than at any other time of the year and that a night out with loved ones was the most eagerly anticipated event during the festive season.

Here are the top five things we can’t get enough of at Christmas…

1. Presents – 87% admitted they spent more on presents at Christmas than birthdays or any other occasion.

2. Singing and Banter – A whopping 84% of us distract ourselves with conversations with strangers or humming along to a Christmas tune (with Band Aid ‘Do They Know Its Christmas Time’ the festive favourite) when stuck in festive queues.

3. Friends & family – 75% voted a reunion with loved ones as their favourite Christmas ritual.

4. Christmas Parties – 71% say a Christmas night out in the pub with friends and family is the top way to spend their hard-earned cash. (Respondents in Antrim and Derry-Londonderry viewed a night out with friends with greater anticipation than anything else measured.

5. Movie Re-runs – 70% voted Elf the top Christmas movie.

Honourable mentions also go to…
– Cheesy Christmas jumpers – 33% proudly admitted to owning a Christmas jumper

– And unsurprisingly bringing up the rear were Brussels sprouts with nearly half of us classifying them as a Christmas no-go!

But that’s not all; 2013 was remembered as a year to be proud of Northern Ireland with over two thirds of local people feeling that this year was indeed ‘Our Time, Our Place[1] ’ – so it’s little wonder that almost 95% choose to celebrate the season at ‘ho-ho-home’!

The festive poll coincides with the launch of the HARP brand’s impressive new look and marketing campaign that reflects the spirit of Northern Irish people and their positive persuasion to ‘Look on the Harp Side’.

Colum Campbell, Brand Manager for Harp commented: “Last month the Office of National Statistics released figures claiming that the people of Northern Ireland were happier than those in any other part of the UK and our research confirms just that, showing that at Christmas our optimistic spirit is even more apparent. From singing instead of sulking, banter over ‘queue rage’, the people of Northern Ireland certainly know how to look on the HARP® side!

“This mentality reflects the thinking behind our new campaign ‘Look on the Harp Side’ which is characterised through the Harp Angel. He’s a character who truly embodies the Northern Irish outlook on life. He will be taking to the streets over the coming weeks to help us to champion the innate optimistic spirit evident across Northern Ireland.”

For more information on HARP and to find out where the Harp Angel will be over Christmas please visit www.facebook.com/harp. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for the facts. The HARP word and associated logos are trademarks. © Diageo Ireland 2013.


Overview of results:

· Eight in ten Northern Irish people describe themselves as optimists

· 75 % of people remembered 2013 for positive reasons dubbing it Our time and Our Place

· 86% agreed that it was what was in the glass that counts, rather than whether it was half full or half empty.

· Three quarters agreed that they could laugh at themselves

· Over nine in ten wanted to spend Christmas at home with family and friends.

· Queues were something to be endured with the vast majority (84%) either saying they would strike up a conversation with the person beside them or hum to the Christmas tune on the shops broadcast system.

· Get-togethers (94%) and traditional Christmas smells (80%) were welcomed.

· Christmas rituals such as baking (70%), decorating the Christmas tree (65%), the turkey (73%) and television (63%) were all warmly received, achieving a ‘love a lot’ or ‘love a little’ rating.

· Almost two thirds (64%) believed Christmas was a time with lots of fun.

· The significance of friends and family was emphasized by the fact that a night out with friends was the most looked forward to event at Christmas (43%).

· Christmas had the edge on birthdays when tallying up the amount spent on friends and family. 87% overall said they spent more at Christmas.

· Christmas was the most popular holiday – 91% said they took the most time off each year. Only 6% took more leave at Easter and 3% at Halloween.

· Crowded shops were not liked greatly – 61% said they either hated them a lot or a little.

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