Happy Birthday Percy #percyturns25

It's 25 years since my favourite pig was born.. I can't believe it's been so long!! But anyway, Happy Birthday Percy. I can't also believe that I'm wishing a sweetie happy birthday, but he's a bit of a legend and it would be wrong not celebrate with him!

Percy Pig obviously became such a success story for M&S that the original soft gum has diversified to include Penny, Piglets, Percynalities, Friends and much more. Even mugs, wrapping paper and cards.

How am I going to celebrate with Percy and his friends? Well, let's taste them all and pick my favourites.

Phizzy pig tails
Soft gums made with fruit juice and a fizzy hint. There's more than just a hint of fizz going on here, Phizzy Pig Tails are sugar coated phizz bombs. Prepare your phizzy face!

Globetrotting Percy
With his travel partners Poppy Panda and Timmy Tiger, Percy looks like he's about to go on a road trip, or a safari. Have you tried the blackcurrant flavoured Poppy panda yet? This little dude could be my favourite of all!

Veggie Percy
Gelatine free with the green ear guarantee, Veggie Percy is softer than the rest and perfect if you feel a bit queasy about gelatine.

Percy and Penny, together at last with special lovers' strawberry hearts. The lovely lemon and vanilla Penny used to live on her own, but she's got it going on with Percy now, along with super strawberry hearts.

Reversy Percy, the bag says it's just wrong but these super sticky Percy gums are so right! He is what he says, Percy Pig in reverse. And he really is super sticky

Percy piglets are itty bitty piggies, presumably the offspring of Percy and Penny. If you can't handle mommy and daddy piggies (who can't?) then these cute little ones will fill a gap.

Percy's Family Mix. It's the whole family in one bag. Percy, Penny and the piglets. Eat the whole family in one go!

Percy's Percynalities. Percy goes emoji crazy with a bag full of fun facial expressions. Watch him smile, cry or wink before he disappears into your trough.

Which is our favourite?
Well that changes… at the minute it's the Panda or Penny. Sorry Percy, for this week you've been upstaged by your friends!

Happy Birthday little piggy. Here's to the next 25 years of the king of sweeties.

And thanks to our friends at M&S for our treats.

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