Hansel & Gretel by the @ScottishBallet at @grandoperahouse

20140211-130036.jpgHansel & Gretel, a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm in the mid 1800’s, was then inspired as an Opera by composer Engelbert Humperdinck in the late 1800’s. Now for 2014, Hansel & Gretel has been reimagined, by Christopher Hampson, for his first full length production for Scottish Ballet. His Hansel & Gretel classical-ballet is the first full-length version of the tale as a dance production.

I’m no ballet expert, in fact it’s only been my second time at one, but it’s definitely the one that people should choose as their introduction to ballet.

You probably know the story, two kids get lost in the forest and end up in a gingerbread house with a witch who thinks they look quite delicious. It’s one of those classic fairytales along with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

To see it performed on stage at the Opera House was quite a treat with a stunning set, beautiful dancing and a mesmerised audience. Well I was mesmerised anyway.

Scottish Ballet premiered this ballet to the world in December 2013 and Belfast was the last date of their now finished short UK tour.

My night at the ballet was a pleasure, I was completely absorbed into what was happening on stage and was transported fully into the world of this interpretation of the famous fairytale.

I have no doubt it’s not the last we’ll see of this production, in fact it would be a shame if it ended with this first tour. I for one would love to be charmed all over again with its story, dancers and set.

Quite the surprisingly wonderful night out for a newly converted ballet fan!

Anne Hailes had a preview of Hansel and Gretel last month which you can read here .

For more information on Scottish Ballet, check out their website.

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