Keep getting fitter!

20140731-164719-60439259.jpgHey folks, it’s me again with a gym update….I’ve been quiet on the exercise updates lately, but with a valid reason…. The back injury.

I had been doing really well in the Culloden Gym, with my programme progressing nicely then that age old problem returned, back pain, and I couldn’t even walk!

I have to stress that it wasn’t gym related, but in fact it is an old injury which was aggravated by sitting at a desk for too long!

When you reach mid 40’s, and if you are there you might know what I mean, if you sit too long in one position, everything seizes up from the waist down. Well on this occasion, my lower back just gave up and wouldn’t cooperate! Such are the joys! Anyway, the gym is my best cure for this recurring injury and in fact, it helped my recovery enormously.

With a bit of help from a TENS machine, 5 days after not being able to walk, I was practically skipping. But the fear of the pain returning kept me from gyming, hence the lack of updates on progress!

But that’s all changed now as two weeks later and with some baby steps back into exercise, I’m almost back to my full programme and loving it.

If you’ve been following on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll probably have spotted that I’m eyeing up going to the classes in the Culloden, just to spice the training up a bit. I asked followers to suggest what classes I should do, and it was a mixed bag of responses. With aquafit, insanity, spin, yoga and box fit all contenders…I think I’ve decided to do a few next week…sure why not!

So Monday will be Spin and Thursday will be Boxfit then I’ll try something different the following week. Yoga with Ronnie is definitely on the to do list….if it’s dry he heads outside into the beautiful Culloden Estate grounds.

On top of the gym bunny stuff, I’ve taken to doing short runs, I do mean short, but it’s better than nothing. So listen out for me out pounding the streets causing mini earthquakes just before I go to bed!!

Til next week…keep getting fitter!!


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