Guest blogger introduction…

20121202-010410.jpgWe’ve got a new addition to the Belfast Times team. Clara Lyttle of the Ulster Herald has come on board to bring you the latest news on weddings, fashion and makeup.

Here is her introduction, we hope you love her writing style as much as we do…

So I’d best start of my introducing myself, my name is Clara Lyttle and I am from a wee town called Omagh in the County of Tyrone. To all you City Slickers I am probably a “culchie”! Down round these parts of the woods we seldom get to experience the big smoke! Well I spent three years in Belfast and thoroughly enjoyed myself but into the real world I venture. So my main aim now is to bring something interesting to the West. Hopefully I can do so by keeping in touch with all you guys and staying in the loop of what’s happening across Northern Ireland.

So this year I have been made redundant twice! Yes, unfortunate. They reckon you are going to be made redundant twice in your lifetime so I guess I have got it out of the way rather quickly at 25 years of age.

I starting writing and blogging the first time I was made redundant from my role as a store manager of a high street retailer in February and I have to say it has went down a treat. I do a piece for a local newspaper as well as my own wee bits and bobs so hopefully I might feature here from here on in. If you like me that is.

I got engaged last year and like to write a lot about weddings, fashion and makeup. On that note I hope you enjoy my brief but fun interview with Amy Childs which is coming to Belfast Times later today.

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