G Spots! A New Skincare Range in Gordons Chemists

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GSpots! A New Skincare Range in Gordons Chemists

It’s a good job I’m not paranoid as I keep getting sent skincare lotions and potions to review! I don’t really mind as I’ve been lucky enough to take after my granny’s good skin, well on my face anyway – everywhere else has always been dry and sensitive. So when I was contacted by one of the leading dermocosmetic brands for sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay – yes, I also find it hard to pronounce, I was more than happy to try its daily skincare range (now available in 10 Gordons Chemists across the north and online at www.gordonsdirect.com)

According to the literature, La Roche-Posay, is the skincare brand that is recommended by over 25,000 dermatologists worldwide. It provides products for everything from extreme sensitivity and rosacea, to acne and anti-ageing. All products contain unique thermal spa water from the La Roche-Posay town in France. This antioxidant-packed water calms, soothes and heals sensitive and fragile skin.

Impressive stuff and music to the ears of a person that has suffered with sensitive skin for years – but does it actually work? I’ve tried every cream in the book, from bog standard ointments, to steroids, to baby oil and cling film, to specific bath and shower products. You name it, I’ve tried it and yes I have had success with them, but they can be very greasy and take a while to apply and dry.

Having the consistency of a cream rather than a ointment, means that La Roche-Posay products aren’t as greasy or slimy as some I’ve tried in the past. Plain packaging, but it definitely looks clinical and makes you feel that the team behind it know what they are talking about. I know my skin type, but if you need help, Gordons can assist you in-store with what product best suits your concern.

Just like with your own children, you’re not meant to have a favourite, but after trying out my bag of products, I couldn’t resist giving a rundown of my favourites and the reasons why:

SOOTHING REPAIR BALM (£11 for 100ml): This is top of my list, and is now my must-have product in my beauty bag. It is perfect for any type of irritation even on your face – I burnt my forehead with my curling tongs and it only took a few days for the burn to disappear, unlike a week the last time it happened. My friend also had a touch of rosacea on her face over a weekend, and after using the balm, it was practically gone by Sunday.

HYDRAPHASE INTENSE MASQUE (£15.50 FOR 50ml): I love a good face mask and this is one of the better ones. Silky smooth, easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling soft as a baby’s bum.

REPLENISHING BODY BALM (£12 for 200ml): This is to be applied all over the body on a daily basis, after a shower or a bath. It’s a preventive rather than a cure and reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier. Don’t get me wrong, it really works and my skin felt soft and replenished. The only reason it is further down the list is the fact that I would need about three to last me a week!


There was also ANTHELIOS XL High Protection Factor 50 Suncream (£16.50 for 50ml) and PHYSIOLOGICAL CLEANSING MILK (£11.50 for 200ml) in my bag of goodies, but I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet. The range online seems very extensive and covers other products for dry lips and hands, make-up remover and other cleansers.

At the heart of La Roche-Posay lies a commitment to a brighter future for those with sensitive skin issues.

Overall I feel very positive towards the brand and do believe what they say on the bottle is true. The only downside with me using the body cream regularly is the cost. Considering the quantity of moisturiser I need from the doctor, I would be out a fortune every few weeks. That said, the products suitable for my face are incredibly reasonable and have already been incorporated into my weekly beauty routine.

Word on the red carpet is that celebrity fans include Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway – well if it’s good enough for the A-list, it’s good enough for me!

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Web: www.gordonsdirect.com

The Gordons Chemists which stock La Roche-Posay are located at:

Lisburn Bow Street
Ballymoney Main Street
Coleraine New Row

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