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It’s an unusual request to invite a non coffee drinker along to a coffee tasting session. But that’s exactly what happened on Monday evening in a bid to see if there’s a coffee out there I could love.

I arrived at the refurbished Ground Espresso Coffee Bar in Next in the City centre to find a table all set up with coffees from around the world and various pieces of coffee equipment.

For the next hour I learnt about three particular coffee beans, where they came from, and their different flavours.

The beans were all hand roasted from Fair Trade sources in Ethiopia, Rwanda and North Sumatra in Indonesia.

The Ethiopian bean is sun dried on raised African beds at 1900m and results in a cup with hints of cherry and cocoa.

The bean from Rwanda is also roasted on raised beds around 1500m and boasts honey notes with a hint of fruit.

Finally the bean from Sumatra follows a semi washed honey process and boasts notes of earthiness, syrupy flavours and dark cocoa.


I learnt about different coffee brewing techniques including what is fast becoming a popular choice in Ground Espresso, the Kalita. Then it was my turn as I was invited to try making my own brew using the Kalita. The equipment used is made specifically for Ground Espresso with copper piping and wooden block. It’s easy to see these selling to customers as it would be a real talking point at any dinner table. Maybe some day they’ll do that.

Using the Kalita process the coffee was very light and easily drinkable without milk. Actually it was perfect for someone starting their coffee journey, it was almost tea-like. With ground Ethopian beans placed in the filter and hot water poured on top, the filtered coffee dripped into the coffee pot below.

It was all very fascinating, and the black coffee was surprising drinkable, and it may well have started me on a coffee connoisseur journey now that I have learnt there’s more to coffee than I ever imagined, and that it’s not all about lattes and cappuccinos.

What a great experience! I’m always open to trying new experiences, it’s all part of the great learning curve of life.


The hour flew in and I suggested this would be a great idea for a Coffee Masterclass for all those people who want to try different coffees and brewing techniques and to learn about the coffee bean and choose favourites.

I did spot something on the wall which definitely tickled my taste buds, a cinnamon crunch latte. Oooh! I’ll be back to try that particular coffee soon!

Great fun, great experience, not converted, but more open to experimenting now!

Find out more about this local business here.


So I went back to Ground Espresso in Next for my Cinnamon Crunch Latte, it was actually much milkier and less coffee based than other lattes I’ve tried, which is good for a coffee newbie! It was a bit light on the ‘crunch’ compared to the promo photo mind you, but it was tasty…gotta love cinnamon!

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