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I am the first to admit that I’m not a hardcore music aficionado. My eclectic musical tastes range from Take That to Jessie Ware and a little bit of Beyonce thrown in for good measure. I know listening to music is a personal experience and if you asked many people what they could not live without – music or television, many would say music.

Always on the hunt for hidden gems to share with Belfast Times readers, I was delighted to hear from an acoustic trio that have been making beautiful music in Larne and beyond.

Odibal ( got together eight years ago and have been playing their own brand of unique “Folk’n’Roll” music ever since. This man band is made up of Keni Brownlow, Murray McDowell and Mickey Gorman and ages range from 30-55 years.

Don’t think they let their ages slow them down, as they are as sprightly as the young’uns and gig up to five times a week – probably a little more now the festival season is kicking off. If you aren’t lucky enough to catch them live, then they have already released two albums of original songs, Bringing It All Back Home and Rollin’ With The Times which can be downloaded at amazonmp3/odibal or itunes/odibal and are getting great reviews. One song from the Bringing It All Back Home album – Far Away From Home was placed in the top 12 of more than 6,000 entries in last year’s UK Songwriting Contest.

Searching for inspiration from across the globe, daddy of the group, Murray went on a solo tour of the States last year. He travelled the length of Route 55, playing in Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Boston and incorporated his road trip experiences into the song “55”, which is one of the hits on the second album.
The group is currently working on the third album, which will be out later in the year and will have a similar vibe to the first two.

Don’t take my word for it – the best way to enjoy Odibal is to listen to them live. Upcoming gigs include
• Egg Cup & Whiskey Festival, Gortin (3rd – 6th May)
• La Bodega, Larne Every Sunday afternoon from 4pm
• The John Hewitt, Belfast (Friday 9th May)

Unfortunately there have not been too many positive news stories to come out of Larne recently, but this local export is putting the town on the map for all the right reasons. Hopefully its residents and indeed music fans across the country will be enjoying Odibal’s unique sound for many more years to come– rock on!!

Contact Number: 07933749825
Twitter: @odibal1

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