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20140611-105037-39037351.jpgThe Game of Thrones exhibition has returned to Belfast and this time it has taken over the main Waterfront Hall auditorium!

We arrived on Tuesday lunchtime for a question and answer panel with some of the production team and an exclusive tour of the exhibition which included a bit of virtual reality on the Ascend the Wall ride.

The buzz in the Q&A room was quite special as media from all over Europe had arrived in Belfast to attend the red carpet event and enjoy the exhibition.

On the panel was Fergus McNulty (Armoury model maker), Carla Stronge
(Founder of ExtrasNI), Robbie Boake (Supervising location manager) and Will Simpson (Storyboard artist).

Robbie talked about touring around the beautiful NI countryside looking for locations and how he built a mental record of places so if a specific scene was required he knew exactly where to find it. He also talked about how sometimes on location the weather can play havoc with recording and in one battle scene where it was supposed to be summer, it had actually been snowing and they had to bring in flame throwers to defrost the whole area!!

Carla talked about the auditioning process and how there were some shocks including an audition where a guy was reading a brothel scene and dropped his pants! Now thats method acting! Carla said Game of Thrones was creating some amazing opportunities for young actors in Northern Ireland.

Will Simpson told us about his cartoon strip background and how whilst working on Your Highness, he was given some bits of script to storyboard for. At the time he didn’t know it was for the pilot of GoT. He almost let slip about new scenes for future episodes, where his reaction when he read the script was, ‘NO! You can’t do that!’. He clearly loves his job and even the secrecy behind what he’s working on…saying that he can’t tell anyone, which is why he usually ends up talking to himself about it!

He loved doing the storyboard for the recent eye gauging scene which has created a big reaction with fans…with some even claiming they won’t watch GoT again.


And then we headed into the exhibition. With over 100 artefacts from the series, the iconic Iron Throne and the amazing Ascend the Wall virtual reality ride, the short and completely sold out exhibition will thrill fans of the show.

One tip…when you do Ascend the Wall, it’s even better second time round!

Later in the evening it was the red carpet event and we were there snapping away at the stars of the show with press and media from all round Europe!

If I’m honest I’ve only watched bits’n’pieces of GoT but I think I’m evolving into a fully fledged fan!

Enjoy the exhibition if you are going.


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And thanks to Simon @SFTMmedia for this fun image of the GoT inspired cake made by Candytuft Cakes.


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3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones exhibition


    (June 11, 2014 - 12:03 pm)

    Cool writeup but you never mentioned the amazing GOT inspired cake! Was a great night.

      Belfast Times

      (June 11, 2014 - 12:06 pm)

      Thanks Simon. I didn’t get up to see the cake unfortunately. Maybe I missed a highlight of the event then??


        (June 11, 2014 - 12:51 pm)

        You sure did. I have emailed you photos of the cake along with its designer, @Candytuftcakes and the cast etc.

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