Showergel haul from Gordons Chemists

IMG_0002.JPGThis month as Gordons Chemists exclusive male blogger, I went on a shower gel experimental journey.

I chose three brands, Radox, Imperial Leather foam burst and Original Source.

When I first posted about it on Facebook in August, there was a split between Foamburst and Original Source for the people’s favourite shower gel!

For the last month or so, I’ve tried them all, a week at a time, then trying out similar scents of the different brands together, just to compare.


First up was Radox and my three fragrances I selected were Berry Burst, Lemon and Tea Tree, and Fennel and Sea Minerals.  Radox is one of the classics of bathroom products. I remember Radox bath salts as a child so they probably have a level of brand loyalty with a lot of customers.

Of the three fragrances, I liked the Berry Burst, it’s sweet and berry like, but as a whole the Radox range doesn’t have the foam of Foamburst or the smell of Original Source. What it does boast is doubling up as a shower and shampoo for the mens range, and has a shower hook so it’s not tucked in with all the other products on the shower caddy, it’s hanging right there on the shower. Its big plus is the price usually coming in at under £1, making it the cheapest option unless of course there is an Original Source promotion on.

IMG_0012.JPGNext up it was Foamburst by Imperial Leather. One tiny squirt of gel and it’ll generate enough foam to give you a good old clean, and it lasts longer than the rest of the products I tested, much longer! The range has a great selection of ‘flavours’ including Citrus burst, Uplifting lime and grapefruit, Sweet vanilla and cherry blossom, Moisturising honey and almond milk and many more.

Of the four, I preferred the Citrus Burst, it has a bit of zing to it, just what I need first thing in the morning. The cans are curved and are easy to hold, the squirt button is great and is the easiest to use of the three brands, with no caps or lids to click open, just squirt and go.

IMG_0016.JPGOriginal Source I saved for the final test, as it seemed to be the most popular on my Facebook post. I loved the ‘flavours’ as they were the most authentic smelling of all three brands. The branding is fun as well, proudly stating 40 real zingy limes were needed to create the Lime shower gel, 82 British sunrises were needed for Vanilla and Raspberry, 7927 tingling real mint leaves went into the Mint and Tea tree or 10 real zesty lemons were used to create the Lemon and tea tree. It’s quirky, fun and smells fantastic!

Without a doubt, Original Source is my favourite of the mainstream brands and as I’m more of a mint person, all tingling 7927 mint leaves do the trick nicely! And its current promotional price of 99p makes it a complete winner.


But I did buy one other brand, just to compare a product that wasn’t quite so well-known, Aveeno. It was also the most expensive of all (£7.69) but it was worth it. I actually ended up using it after every shower because the oatmeal fragrance is amazing, like an oatmeal cookie. Aveeno is a bath/shower oil for sensitive skin, so it won’t have the foam or much lather, but the oil is great for the skin and a little in your hand goes a long way.

By Jeff Meredith

Do you have a favourite shower product that I havent tried, or even a favourite of these four brands? Leave a comment below and share your own experiences.

All products are available in Gordons Chemists in the City centre at Cornmarket and at various other locations around NI.

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