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20140429-175443.jpgThis marks the first of my regular features as the exclusive male blogger for Gordons Chemists, Northern Ireland’s largest independent pharmacy chain. First of all a quick look at their website revealed a few surprising facts; that they started in Donaghadee around 30 years ago and they now have around 60 pharmacies across Northern Ireland and Scotland. On top of that is their online presence at Gordonsdirect.com, their blog and their complete social media presence on facebook, twitter, instagram and much more.

Gordons have invited me to review a range of their products every month, and first off the block is their Nivea Men range including both Sensitive and Active Age products.

The first item out of the box was Nivea Men Stress Protect anti-perspirant spray. For some reason I’ve never used a Nivea anti-perspirant product, for no particular reason really, I’ve just got stuck in the rut of using another brand. But I could be converted. It’s a great smelling deodorant with a great powerful spray. Definitely a product I could use regularly. Great value at £1.49

Next was a dilemma in the form of Nivea Men Sensitive shaving gel. Why? Well, I shave about once every 6 months and normally just before going on holiday! So an unscheduled shave began..all for Gordons! I’m not exactly a shaving expert but I loved the dispenser function and the creamy gel. It felt great quality for the Gordons current offer price of £3.99


Obviously with the first shave in months, my skin took a bit of a bashing so some aftercare was definitely needed. Nivea Men Sensitive post shave balm seemed the perfect way to calm down some freshly shaved skin. As a balm it did help soothe and does what it says in the packaging, but I preferred the other balm it was going head to head with, Active Age Double Action Balm, which comes in at the same £6.99 price. It’s thicker and suits this middle age skin much more than the sensitive balm. Maybe that’s the key here, aging skin does indeed need a different product. And yes I guess 44 is aging skin!!


Next the moisturisers went head to head with the Nivea Men Sensitive and the Nivea Active Age Day Moisturiser. Guess which one won the battle of the product for me? Yep, the Active Age. I’m not entirely convinced I’m happy with this Active Age thing going on…in my head I’m still a twenty something! Currently priced at £7.99 and £9.99 respectively, both are great products but Active Age gets my vote.

I prefer everything about the Active Age range, the packaging and the products!


The final Nivea Men product was the Sensitive Face Wash at £3.99. As a sensitive skin product it is fragrance free and perfect for the guy with skin which needs the gentler wash. Again, which seems the norm for this Nivea Men range, it’s great value and overall it’s part of what is probably the best selling Men only range in the country.

My top tip of the bunch is without a doubt the Sensitive shaving gel, which I have since discovered was voted the number 6 top mens grooming product in 2013 by Shortlist.com

Nivea have created a super range of great quality and value skincare products for men, something which didn’t exist until recently. I have developed a complete skincare routine with washes, scrubs and moisturisers in recent years and Gordons Chemist certainly stocks everything a guy would need to start showing a bit of attention to their skin.

Check out Gordons Chemist in a town near you or online at gordonsdirect.com

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