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Hi folks, it’s Jeff here, I’m the one behind most of Belfast Times, and the one with the weekend stall at St George’s Market, and yes I’m still working away at the gym. It’s a lifelong battle to juggle between wanting to be fit and wanting to eat!

I’m fast approaching the end of my eight week summer gym membership at the Culloden Estate and Spa. The personal trainers have put me through my paces and challenge me to continually change my routine as they push me that little bit more everytime they see me. I think I need that though, someone biting at my heels to encourage me to do more.

In my head I am that person who is constantly exercising and who will always find somewhere to pursue and maintain that fitness. In reality, I’m not!!! In my head I know what a ‘clean’ diet is, but again in reality, I dont apply that knowledge all the time. But I’m working on it with the help and inspiration from the team at the Culloden.


I know my twice a week (occasionally three times) visits just aren’t enough so I’m taking baby steps at home to increase what I’m doing. I read something a few weeks ago that stuck in my head about doing exercise, even if it was only 10-15 minutes just squeezed in wherever I could, then it’s better than nothing. And of course the hardest part about exercising is moving off the sofa to do it.

Back in my head, I know I should take the stairs in work (5 floors), I know I should not use escalators and lifts, I know I should go for a lunchtime walk along the Lagan, actually, there are a lot of things I know I should be doing. But with some inspiration from the Culloden personal trainers, a slow change is happening. Baby steps!

I’ve started those baby steps with a simpler version of the programme Paul gave me and working out in the back garden. I’ve also rescued my bike from the garage and have been out cycling around the streets. That of course comes with new risks…such as drivers not indicating where they are going and me having to exercise a fair amount of guess work…on top of the cycling leg work.


Back in the gym, I love going on a Friday afternoon, as I usually have it all to myself.

I love floating about in the swimming pool post workout, also usually people free, and I love their smoothies while I’m relaxing by the pool!

Their Summer fitness package is one of the best things I’ve done this year, because it’s getting me back into fitness. I just need to maintain it. Maybe I need to stay at the Culloden for just a couple of months more, just to make sure I can reinforce this new exercise regime.

I’ll let you know next week how the ‘at home’ exercising is continuing, but in the meantime, watch out on Instagram and twitter for a few more #fitforsummer gym selfies.

Find out all the Summer Fitness package details here.

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