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Doughzy Donuts, Smithfield Market & St George’s Market, Belfast

Now i’m never done raving about St George’s Market. It’s atmosphere, it’s people and the sheer variety and quality of food and drink make it a great place to go and spend some time shopping eating or sitting with a coffee having a chat & listening to some live music.

One business that has enjoyed 3 years of success and popularity at its stall in St George’s is Doughzy Donuts. Offering fresh yeast raised donuts, a lack of which led to the businesses formation back in 2013.

Six weeks ago Doughzy Donuts opened its first shop in Smithfield Market. A prime spot as it turns out with the shop opening at 10am initially selling out by lunchtime. Some weeks later they still have little to no stock left by the end of the day.

My first visit (of many i’m sure) to the shop was a mix of indecisiveness and of course enjoyment. What you immediately notice is the huge variety of toppings and fillings, they do pretty much every flavour you’d expect and few you wouldn’t. Lemon, strawberry, chocolate, toffee, banana, marshmallow (!), salted
caramel and of course the famous Boston Cream.

So what to have? Well, Boston Cream, that’s a definite but what else?

Finally I went for a banana & chocolate, a bit different for me and a salted caramel, a fine suggestion from Niamh who seemed used to encountering people like me who could have happily took one of everything.
“We make all our doughnuts fresh – nearly all doughnuts you can buy in Ireland are either defrosted or made from what is effectively an ‘industrial packet mix’. There’s just something special about freshly made doughnuts from fresh ingredients. Coupled with that, adding a wide variety of flavours – and regularly adding to them – things are going really well.”
Alan Wilson, Doughzy Donuts

They can do you 4 donuts for a fiver (including 1 filled, though if you want 2 it’s only 20p extra) to take back to work and share with others (or not, I wouldn’t judge). Needless to say the donuts were excellent, good coffee too, nice and strong. Head to Smithfield or St George’s Market and get yourself a dose of the Doughzy’s! You won’t regret it.

By Michael Reid


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