George Osram’s Funeral at Riddell’s Warehouse 

Riddell’s Warehouse,  once at the heart of Belfast’s industrial revolution, the majestic four storey building in Ann Street (opposite Elliott’s) has been transformed into a modern day multimedia gallery for a new theatre production.

 Riddells Warehouse 
This week Accidental Theatre brought Gordon Osràm’s Funeral to Riddell’s Warehouse as part of Imagine, Belfast’s Festival of Ideas and Politics. The production will tour to Armagh, Derry and Dublin in April.

I went along earlier this week, entirely out of curiosity to find out what the production was all about. It had been described to me as a gallery exhibition which has gone a bit rock n roll. 

 Gallery exhibition 
Arriving in Riddell’s Warehouse we were left to explore the building and gallery exhibition with two large white bunnies as the centrepiece. We knew something must be about to happen, it was a performance after all, but the makeshift gallery only hinted at the craziness of what was about to happen.

What followed was an evening of surreal, slightly bonkers, but totally creative and exciting performance art and theatre. Taking cues from the cast of three, we could stay by the main performance area, or follow as they moved about the building in breakaway performances.

It was a night of exciting and exhilarating theatre, and like nothing I had ever experienced before. 

Interactive, fun, crazy, unique, exciting and bonkers are just a few of the words this could be described as, and well worth the £13 on the night to see something so creative and original. 

 a breakaway performance 
If you can get tickets for the last Belfast performance, or the April touring production, and fancy seeing something very unique, then get along to George Osram’s Funeral by Accidental Theatre.

For more information and booking, phone (028) 9032 5881 or visit or

 Bunny on an exercise bike  

  part of a trashed exhibit  
the cast   the cast of George Osrams funeral 

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