G Spots! Underwear Stripped Bear

There is an age old tradition in advertising that sex sells, and that seems the underwear market, perhaps unsurprisingly has fallen victim to this trend.

M&S got into hot water by some for humongous pictures of David Gandy in his smalls hitting you in the fMark-Wahlberg-underwear_286ace every time you popped in for a lunchtime sandwich.

Elle MacPhearson created a successful underwear empire on the back of her reputation as The Body and who can forget a certain Marky Mark back in the 90s flashing his white smile in his even whiter Calvins!!

So when I hear there is a new kid on the block in the form of Ballymena online underwear company, UtilityBear.com, I half expected to see pictures of County Antrim’s finest parading round in their tighty whiteys. IMG_2208Not so, but it was even better as Superman took some time off from saving lives to show his support for this fledging online retailer.

Maybe it will come as a surprise but the majority of underwear is purchased by women-both for themselves and for their significant other. The clever Utility Bear people have used this opportunity and offer a mix of women’s and men’s brands such as Jockey, Sloggie and Truimph available to purchase through its online site.

I guess if you are buying pants for your fella then it would be rude not to pop a few pairs in for yourself – genius! Almost feels like free pants-well sort of. Although there are a limited number of brands currently available, I’ve been informed that more will be added in time.

I recently read an article that said that you should Feng Sui your underwear drawer every once in a while to create more chemistry in the bedroom. Ahem…. well if you think this applies to you – hopefully the pretty pieces on this site will give you a pep in your step and bedroom antics to give even Madonna a run for her money!




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