G Spots! The Karaja Beauty Box

With the fear of being a skud I think it’s fair to say that spring is coming! Sunshine, lighter clothes and of course the chance to try out new season make-up.

I was introduced to Italian make-up brand KARAJA last year and beady eyed GSpotters! will know that I used the KARAJA BB Secret Touch Cream in my best buys at Christmas, but the range is so extensive that I thought it was only fair to introduce a few more products.

You might have seen KARAJA on the catwalks of Milan over the last 30 years alongside top designers like Christian Dior and Armani and now it’s available from leading professional salons across Ireland.

One of the main reasons it has such an appeal is because of its versatility, KARAJA is perfect for women of all ages who want to experiment with colour and texture. And because our skin’s health is as important as how it looks, KARAJA’s advanced formulations deliver multi-taking skincare benefits delivering guaranteed results. They are also not tested on animals, which is something I feel strongly about and can’t believe some brands still do.

Here are my top picks…

Twin Matt Lipstick: KARAJA’s Twin Matt lipsticks can be applied separately or in combination, making them ideal for those times when you can’t decide which colour to use, or when you’re just looking for that special, unique shade. Available in 3 colour combinations, the lipsticks are also packed with Vitamin E, helping to protect the lips from antioxidants.

Sweet Elixir Lipgloss: For fuller lips this soothing, creamy lip volumizer comes in 11 colours, precisely shaping and perfecting the structure of the lips, increasing volume, curve, softness and moisture levels, producing a naturally fuller poutIts scientifically proven anti-ageing action with ‘cushion effect’ technology imitates the effect of Hyaluronic Acid injections, helping to stimulate collagen and elastin, visibly improving the structure of the lips.

BB White Secret Touch: The magic of a White Cream that only reveals its secret when it comes into contact with the skin: an amazing colour released by micro capsules filled with pigments that blend with your complexion, enhancing and perfecting skin tone for a fresh, radiant and matt effect. The delicate, gentle formula produces an ultra-light film of colour that spreads easily for a perfect application every time. Suitable for all skin types, it contains active ingredients that boost energy within the skin, helping to improve the skin’s vitality visibly.  

Wonder Box Eyeshadow: The Wonder Box comes in coloured palettes of 9 shades, and is perfect for this season which is all about adding a pop of colour on the eyes. Each set combines the essential tones of white, black and grey, complemented by warm and cold variations to create a mosaic of tiny coloured tiles. These beautifully expressive eye shadows can be used dry for a semi-transparent light effect or wet with a damp brush to intensify the colour, for a better long lasting coverage.

Ooh sounds good and who doesn’t love trying out new products and shades. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz, but I don’t think there’s any harm getting  a bit of help along the way!

KARAJA products are exclusively available from selected salons nationwide or by visiting www.euro-products.co.uk.

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