G Spots! The Fabulous ReFitz

15110966_10154755083567264_7744513006587911991_oWith new hotels popping up all over Belfast there’s more choice than ever for us consumers. However, one of the most popular hotspots in the city, The Fitzwilliam Hotel seems to be on a roll of late with an amazing 5-star make-over to complement its newly acquired 5-star industry accreditation.

Having been a solid fixture on the local hospitality scene for 7 years, its hard to remember what was there before The Fitzwilliam opened its doors to the public. It can’t believe it didn’t have a 5-star rating before now, as the quality and service has always been amazing – but now it’s ‘official’ the hotel has decided to celebrate in style.

The first thing you’ll notice is the main lobby area, which has an instant transformation. The soft furnishings are now classy pastels and golds, with cozy arm chairs, twinkly lights and inviting sofas. This is the perfect area to sit back with a coffee after a busy day getting last minute shopping in before Christmas. The bedrooms have also had a make-over with similar tones and textures making them a relaxing haven to enjoy some couples or even better some ‘me’ time.

15129544_10154755083172264_3650945408005581427_oI suppose just like our homes, The Fitz wanted to have a new lease of life in time for the festive period and by the positive reviews and bustling lounge it seems to have worked a treat.

Even better news is that the make-over is not finished here, as there are also plans for a spa and rooftop terrace in the near future. This sounds amazing and having been in the event space on higher floors, the views over the city are breathtaking and will be a great alternative to the other rooftop area in another hotel in the city.

Always one to treat every celebration as a chance to party, the #ReFitz was recognised recently with a suitably swanky affair. With candy cane cocktails, Christmas nibbles and Photo Booth fun – this was one of the most talked about parties of the season. Judging by the happy faces in our gallery (mine included), the changes have clearly got the thumbs up.

If this has inspired you to try out what the Fitzwilliam has to offer, check out its website for offers and best deals. Enjoy!

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