G Spots! Fantastic Tantastic Tan

With the unseasonably warm weather of late, many of us have been flaunting a lot more skin. But if your limbs have been in hibernation since the winter, they may need a blast of colour to bring them back from the dead with a healthy glow.

Agreed that the sun’s rays can be comforting, but as the fake tan variety is always the safer option, I’ve been trying out a local product that claims it can do away with tanning disasters and quite possibly has my favourite brand name ever!

Tantastic has several products in the range, Self Tanning Liquid (£15 for 150ml), Self Tanning Mousse (£18 for 150ml) and Instant Tan Bronzer (£11 for 175ml). I’m more of a fan of the Mousse because I find it easier to use and I think it gives a better all round colour.

So what is Tantastic all about? According to the bottle its USP are that it is quick and simple to use – always a winner in my book as I am constantly looking for products that make my life simpler. It is quick trying, lasts 7 days with even fade and is suitable for face, body and all skin tones. It also says that it always delivers ‘flawless results’ due to the Triple Action Formula – a daring statement, especially as we have all experienced tanning disasters.

  When it comes to the self tan rules for application, dodgy application can often lead to a poor finish. This however has a soft, velvety texture that gently glides onto the skin for a beautifully natural looking tan in minutes. I was impressed with the finish and as it has 8% DHA it is also good for darker complexions.

The helpful tanning boffins at Tantastic have given some top tips to give the best possible chance of achieving the flawless finish.

BEFORE: Preparation is the step that many of us forget, but this is the most important. Always wax or shave 24 hours before tanning- it will give your pores time to close properly and less likely to be clogged with tan. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and give you the best chance of an even tan.

DURING: Make sure to apply your tan in circular movements to clean, dry skin and avoid moisturising beforehand. I’ve been tanning for years, but I often get this step wrong. For the perfect streak-free finish, use the applicator mitt – they are relatively expensive, but are very effective. I also like to wear a lightweight rubber glove under the mitt to make sure no tan seeps through. If using the liquid, press the nozzle into the mitt so it doesn’t squirt everywhere, and start with small amounts and build it up if you want a darker finish.

AFTER: Tantastic dries in 2-3 minutes so you can dress as normal. I always think for best results, put the tan on the night before and wash off in the morning. Once you wash off, now is the time to moisturise, especially the dry areas like elbows and ankles.

So after following the rules for application, did I turn out a tanned bronzed goddess? Well, I did have a natural glow and a few people did ask if I had been on holiday – not a bad result for £18! I know the market is saturated with self-tan products, but this is a great option is you feel pale and want a quick colour pick me up. It’s readily available in many local chemists or you can buy online.

If you try it, let me know how you get on. I’m off to buy some new summer outfits to show off my new tanned limbs… Any excuse I know!


  By Grainne McGarvey. Spotting local hidden gems from the world of beauty, health, fashion, tourism and hospitality. I have my ear to the ground (quite literally) to keep you up to date about the new or interesting products and services from our neck of the woods. If you know one – get in touch on twitter @grainnemcgarvey or at www.pulseprni.com

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