G Spots! Easy Recipes To Improve Your Health

Did you know porridge is an aphrodisiac? No, neither did I, but apparently it’s something the Scottish have known for years and now one local author is sharing this culinary secret and more in her interesting new cookbook.

FullSizeRender (5)Porridge is an Aphrodisiac’, was created by newspaper columnist and therapist, Roisin Armstrong after she has witnessed the amazing changes that can occur to improve our health by changing our diet.

With a little help from friends and family, she has poured her love of food into a plethora of quick and easy recipes to help support a healthy lifestyle. Her recent book launch in the Lyric was a runaway success and I predict great things for this culinary hidden gem.

According to Roisin, there is often hidden knowledge about what our foods do for us and this book gives recipes to help get the most out of our diet. By creating healthy and stress free suggestions, we can invigorate our lust for food, ensure better health and have more fun in the kitchen.

Big claims indeed, but after flicking though the glossy book, which is part cookbook, part science book, I think Roisin may just have cracked it. Don’t be fooled, this is not a ‘diet book’, rather it gives options to make long-term food choices that are still delicious and enjoyable but using fresh, healthy ingredients available at our fingertips.FullSizeRender (6)

The recipes are a selection of largely main courses, soups, salads and some non-wheat and yeast free breads and some tasty treats, which for the most part can be put together in 30 mins and using ingredients from local producers.

Roisin, who is a successful kinesiologist has a special interested in nutrition and how it affects people’s mental and physical wellbeing. She has clinics in Holywood and Portglenone and also writes a column on complementary medicine.

So using this knowledge, her book is also full of nuggets of information on the vitamin and mineral content of commonplace foods, and how our bodies use the nutritional benefits of these daily foods to function.

This book would make a perfect housewarming gift or something to keep and enjoy yourself. Once I get to grips with my new cooker I’ll be giving them a try. Here are some recipes you can expect to find.

Soups: Puy Lentil, Bacon & Spinach Soup


Salads: Panzanella

FullSizeRender (1)

Non-Meat: Chickpea with Spinach Curry

FullSizeRender (3)

Dessert: Creamy Mango Brûlée

FullSizeRender (4)

Porridge is an Aphrodisiac is published by Shanway Press and can be purchased for £13 (+£1.95 P&P) at Waterstones (freepost) or at sales@shanwaypress.com or contact Roisin on 07770862637 or @RoisinHealth

*Pics courtesy of Dr Dan Corbett

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