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Dr. Martens Put Its Best Foot Forward

I’m sure many of you reading this also mourned the loss of French Connection in Belfast’s Corn Market. Having worked in the store for a few years before university, it always reminded me of a carefree time when I had less responsibilities and more disposable income. So when I heard that this former site is getting a new lease of life, thanks to another brand from my youth – Dr. Martens, I was keen to see what all the fuss is about.

I’m the first to admit that I never considered myself one of the cool kids at school. Although I was a bit of a rebel, I loved learning and was as eager and enthusiastic as I am now – a trait that never really sat well with the popular girls. I did however own a pair of oxblood Docs, but let myself down in the style stakes by teaming them with a not so flattering hippy style skirt and brown suede waistcoat – it was the early 90s! Back then, I picked up my pair in the Doc Shop, but there is a new kid on the Dr. Martens block, with what seems like big plans afoot (pardon the pun).


There have been lots of activities taking place this week to bring this fashion and footwear brand back into the public consciousness, and more importantly back into their shopping bags. They have included, in-store artwork by local artists, providing a spot for the city’s buskers to ‘busk for Belfast’ outside the store for Dr. Martens’ current #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign. Also this Saturday (27 September) there will be an all-day shopping event from 12 noon – 5.00pm. Jason Shankey male grooming will offer a pop-up barber shop for members of the public and a Dr. Martens customisation bar will be on hand to add bows, beads and trims to customers’ old or new Docs – time to get up to the attic to hunt mine out.

I’m also one of the lucky few invited to the launch party tonight. Beers by Farmageddon, grub by Love & Death and a guest set by Godfather of Punk, Terri Hooley – ooh, maybe I am one of the cool kids after all!

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