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IMG_4267I know at this time of year there are so many charitable causes to support that it can be overwhelming. My BT colleague Jeff recently discussed his feelings on homelessness and they very much echo mine. It is a topic that is always so poignant, especially at this time of year. You can read this for ways you can help donate to support a local homelessness charity. http://www.belfasttimes.co.uk/taking-the-opportunity-to-help-the-homeless/ 

Another charity that has touched my heart is one that has been set up recently to raise funds for Cavan O’Neill, called Cavan’s First Steps. Two year old Cavan from Belfast is a beautiful lad living with Cerebral Palsy, a specific kind called Spastic Diplegia that mainly affects his legs due to tight muscle tone and spasticity which makes it difficult for him to walk.

We take walking for granted but Cavan struggles with it so will never enjoy the physical freedom that other children of his age do. To stand hurts and he suffers from tightness that is only getting worse as he grows. His mum Emma and Diarmuid are a long way off from getting Cavan to walk, even with assistance despite the hours of therapy everyone puts in.


He needs an operation to give him the chance of walking, however the operation is only available in America at a cost of £60,000 with £20,000 for follow up care. I know it sounds like a unreachable figure, but in the last few months almost £25,000 has been raised through donations and events hosted by the generous people in Belfast and beyond. I think when you see Cavan’s angelic face and her his story you want to make his dreams for a ‘normal’ life come true.

IMG_4268I went to school with Emma and she is a hardworking mum, just trying to do the best for her wee boy. She has been humbled with the support from people that she often doesn’t know and have approached her to offer their support. There have been bag packs, spin-athons, coffee mornings, quizzes, gel nail events, fitness challenges and many more activities planned for 2016. Emma put together this touching video to give you an idea of why Cavan needs this the operation.

If you think you can help, please get in touch with Emma @CavansFirstSteps or https://www.facebook.com/cavansfirststeps or donate at https://www.justgiving.com/cavansfirststeps/  THANK YOU x

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