G Spots! Bags A Bargain

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G Spots! Bags A Bargain

Where did the summer go? I can’t believe September is next week and I’ll soon be hunting out my woolly tights from the back of the wardrobe. Remember those heady days when you were a student? Summer months off and not a care in the world and the major excitement was getting a new pencil case for the first day of term – or maybe that was just me!

I loved university life, and was always thinking of creative ways to find extra cash to go out and enjoy the bright lights of the big city. So when I heard about this cost-effective online courier service that’s geared towards students, I knew I had to share the wisdom with the new recruits.


Uni Baggage is an online retailer that transports student’s belongings door-to-door from their home to university campus. On average a 30kg bag delivered from the north of Ireland to the anywhere in the UK is just £18.99 and Europe from £29.

It was set up by Belfast guy Paul Stewart, who at only 25 remembers his university days a lot clearer than I do. He established the business when he was studying in Scotland and spending far too much money flying his own stuff back and forward. To date it has transported more than 2,000 tons of student belongings, travelling 12,000,000 miles to destinations such as Hong Kong, Australia and USA.

Although you don’t technically need to be a student to use the service, the majority of customers are in the 18-21 age range. Ok I’ll admit that I don’t fall within this category anymore, but as I’ve studied on and off for practically the last 13 years, I still think of myself as a lifelong student.

The service is simple – go online to www.unibaggage.com and fill in the pick-up details, the address where it is going and the rough size of the packages. You have to print off this docket and stick it onto your pre-packed boxes. The courier is aware of the time you have chosen and he will arrive at your address to collect the boxes. Good thing is – it’s cheap and handy, bad thing is – it can be tricky to work out the weight of your box. This may be basic, but Paul told me to mention that fragile objects can be posted, but they need to be wrapped up well to avoid breakages. The strangest thing he has transported is a skeleton for a biology student, so he has seen it all!

I have heard many a moan about the cost of excess airline baggage and apparently Uni Baggage customers can save up to 50% of their overall shipping costs. And with the average cost of a three year university career set around £50,000, I’m sure the folks will be delighted if the bank of mum and dad can recoup a few pounds before you actually head off –sounds like you’re a smarty pants already!


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