G Spots! A Way to Reduce Food Waste

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G Spots! A Way To Reduce Food Waste

I love to cook, but I’m always out and about, so sometimes it’s hard to eat all my weekly groceries. Although I freeze as much as possible, the supermarket BOGOF offers usually mean I end up binning some perishables. With this in mind, I decided to use this week’s post to highlight a campaign urging consumers to #DoOneThingDifferently with Love Food Hate Waste and change shopping and eating habits during European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) 22 – 30 November.

lovefoodAccording to the campaign research, UK households throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink a year most of which could have been eaten. This is costing £12.5billion each year or £200 per person in the UK buying and then throwing away good food. If this good food and drink wasn’t ending up in the bin it would have the same positive environmental impact as taking 1 in 4 cars off our roads.

A spokesperson for Love Food Hate Waste said, “Food waste is a huge issue and is costing us billions, that’s why this year EWWR is focusing on this issue which affects us all. Wasting food is not only bad for the environment but is bad for our pockets too costing the average family around £60 a month, a sum that would definitely be much more beneficial in our own pockets, especially in the approach to Christmas”.

The two main reasons why we throw away good food, either we cook or prepare too much or we don’t use it in time. Over the course of the week, this campaign calls on consumers to commit to doing one thing differently which could include planning meals in advance instead of making it up on the day or paying more attention to date labels rather than letting food go past its use-by date and ending up in the bin.

Feeling inspired? Log onto www.lovefoodhatewaste.com to find loads of tips, recipes and suggestions on how to be more creative with leftovers rather than simply throwing them in the bin – Good Luck!


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