G Spots! A Shipping Success Story

With the longer nights closing in, most of us are back to the reality of work, school or university and thinking about the summer that never was. Refusing to accept that winter is coming, I am planning my next trip away in the sun. Although I would love to be one of those people that travel light and stick within the allowance, my suitcase is always the heaviest of the group!

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If you are too, then you might benefit from a local shipping company called Uni Baggage, that is targeted at students heading to university, but you can ship pretty much anything from A to B (providing you can box it) at a fraction of the price.

Beady eyed G Spotters! will know that I have featured this company before, but as it recently hit the 10,000,000 (mile) milestone of transporting its customer’s belongings around the globe, I think its deserve another high five.

After a quick chat with its new witty and incredibly clued-in Digital Marketing Manager, Lana Richardson I found out some fun stats about its 17,500 female customers that I had to share.Lana Richardson 1

  • On average girls bring 21kg more than boys (49kg compared to 28kg). No surprise there then!
  • The top five items brought by girls include: clothes, shoes, toiletries, electrical items (hair dryer, straighteners), items for decoration (bed sheets, posters, frames)
  • Uni BaggageThe top five items brought by boys include: clothes, electrical items (games consoles), sporting equipment, books, toiletries.
  • On average girls take more valuable items. The majority of girls book £500 worth of compensation cover compared to boys who opt for £100.

I am rather surprised that this amount of stuff can fit in tiny student digs, but maybe it has changed since my day. However if you can fit it in, Uni Baggage can ship it over. It offers a full door-to-door service with online tracking each leg of the way and has partnerships with couriers that will pick up luggage from addresses all over the world. You book online, print and attach trackable labels and have your items picked up. Sounds perfect! Hmm I wonder if it can do the unpacking, ironing and putting away too!



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