G Spots! A Rather Juicy Juice Bar

There was a time when I was known for my love of eating healthy, well ok actually that might be slight fib as the mind is always willing but the body is always weak. But on my recent work jaunts up to Derry I thought I would try and break my bad eating habits and try out a new cold press juice bar on Shipquay Street.

IMG_5090The Juice Bar is located in Shipquay Natural Health Clinic and is an oasis of calm on one of the city’s busiest street. A cold press juice bar is a regular thing in New York or London, but not something I’ve ever seen in Ireland and definitely the only one in Derry! What makes the juice so special is that the ingredients are passed through a muslin cloth and are not heat treated making them tip top and as fresh full of vitamins as the day they were born. Sounds good in my book and as the saying goes – every little helps!

IMG_5066Karl who runs this side of the business is full of ideas about which ingredients will go with the type of stresses and strains. So if I’m stressed, he suggested one juice or if I’m not sleeping well he tried another. He did point out that juices are not a food replacement long-term, but there are 3 or 5 day detox packages which are specifically geared towards short-term detox programmes. I must say that I was a bit dubious because I didn’t have a great experience with my Nutribullet, but I think that I made them with too much fruit and not enough vegetables, so the sugar had a negative effect. I wish I had come across this place sooner before I threw said Bullet in the bin, because the team run juicing workshops to give people like me advice on what is best to boost our bodies.

IMG_5089So whether you’re looking to replenish your body after a heavy weekend, give yourself an energy boost, ease poor digestion, loose weight, rehydrate, give your liver a break, or are thinking about doing a juice cleanse, supporting a fitness regime or addressing chronic disease – the team can advise and educate to ensure that you get the most effective juice/blend for your needs.

I like the sound of this and the Clinic’s philosophy is ‘Beauty starts from within and radiant glowing skin comes from feeding your body the right nutrients’ I knew I had to have me some of that. Actually when you see how fab Karl, Michele and the rest of the team look you can see they are an excellent advertisement for their own product!

But most importantly for me – how did it taste? Well all I can say it is tasted better than it looked and the juices can be super-boosted with maca, acai, wheatgrass to give them extra oomph – and not with a vodka shot as I suggested…..well I can’t be fully reformed just yet right?!

Juices start at £3.50, £15 per day for detox packs and beginners workshop costs £30. Get in touch with Karl on 02871 36 7734 to find out more or check out the Facebook page for lots of more tips.

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