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If you don’t want to look bronzed and beautiful for your birthday, when do you? Well that’s what I’ve been telling myself, so have been trialling the VITA LIBERATA NKD SKIN TINTED TAN MOUSSE in preparation for my own celebrations this weekend.

I have a love/hate relationship with fake tan – I love looking browner, but hate applying it as I always miss a bit or have terrible marks around my hands that give the game away. No need to worry with this product, as it claims to ‘Glide like velvet over the skin, offering a gorgeous bronze tan without the telltale smell and fades patch-free. For girls on the go that want sexy, sun kissed skin in an instant.’ Ooh the smart people at VITA LIBERATA have clearly read my mind!

Despite this promise I had my doubts – if any of you read last week’s G Spots! I explained how dry my skin is, so I have the added worry that self tan will stick to me in all the wrong places. Being optimistic, I followed the holy trinity of perfect tanning – 1. Exfoliate the skin before use, 2. Don’t use a moisturiser or it will block your tanning and 3. Use a mitt to protect your palms and ensure a streak-free tan.


Now for the science bit….the mousse consistency is light and fluffy and you don’t need too much at a time, there is no horrible ‘curry’ smell that is prevalent with other brands, it does glide on the skin and dries quickly. The only thing I noticed was that it did go a little bit black and weird in a few small areas, but I think it might have been more to do with my skin than the product.

What about the results? I tried it last Wednesday and again yesterday and the results have been very positive. Unfortunately I didn’t do a before and after picture, but friends said that it looks very natural, but to be fair they didn’t really notice until I said ‘do you like my tan?’ They knew there was something different about me, but couldn’t work out what it was. I’ll take that, as they usually moan about my patchy hands with three white fingers and five brown ones!

I always opt for a tanning mousse, but if you fancy a different type of product there are a few others in the NKD range –the MATTE WASH OFF INSTANT, gives you one day tan and washes off when you’re ready and the TINTED LIQUID TAN is a dark luxe tinted tan, but definitely too dark for my pale Irish skin.

You need to be living under a rock not to know that VITA LIBERATA is an indigenous Irish company with its roots in County Antrim. Founder Alison Hogg has transformed the business into a global player and celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Rita Ora and even the One Direction boys enjoy having sun free tans with VITA LIBERATA products.

Ok, I’m not a celebrity, but I can now be counted as a fan and with festive season just around the corner, I predict that the VITA LIBERATA range will be in the gift stockings of a lot of girls and even boys on Christmas day. Happy tanning!

*NKD SKIN MOUSSE (Medium) RRP £14.95 for 100ml


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