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I constantly get teased about the amount of time I spend in the hairdressers, but it’s definitely a place to seek refuge and emerge feeling like a better version of myself. Even on a recent trip to Derry I couldn’t resist enjoying a bit of pampering, but despite my vast salon experience, where I went even took me by surprise.

IMG_4740RoCo Hair seems to be a home away from home for many Derry ones, as everyone I asked had not only heard of it, but their faces lit up when they spoke about it –good sign in my book… Having recently opened in a glass-fronted building on the Quay, with high ceilings, glossy black & white model shots, high ceilings, and modern interiors, it’s more like a fashiony bar/restaurant/boutique than your standard hair salon.

Owned by Ronan and Connor (the clue’s in the name) the two chaps have created an oasis of calm in a bustling city of culture. It is also Ireland’s first eco salon, which means they are very careful how and what they recycle, waste as little as possible and use their own RoCo eco friendly products manufactured in Ireland. Their ingredients are a closely guarded secret, but to be honest, I don’t really mind what I put on my head providing it gets me results – I even heard Fairy Liquid is a great one for the barnet, but it is not something I have tried…yet.

IMG_4742Anyway, back to RoCo and hair aside, you’ll see the results at the end, the overall experience I had was something else. Never in my thirty something life and probably close to 500 blow-dries have I ever been handed a drinks menu in a salon with everything from champagne to coffee to coconut water. I kept thinking as the Harry Styles lookalike, Jacob massaged my head; maybe I could just stay there for the evening and not bother with my night on the tiles!

Senior stylist Natalie blow-dries like a champion and after all my lovely lotions and potions (all of which you can buy online at www.rocohair.com) I looked like I’d just stepped out of a salon. And of course just when I did, the rain started, and despite my protests I was very kindly given a lift to my car, which I foolishly parked miles away unaware of RoCo’s underground parking spaces.

IMG_4777Honestly, if I didn’t write this up, I would start to wonder if I actually dreamt the whole thing. It is a salon like no other and if you do one thing to treat yourself soon, go to RoCo because just like the famous beer ad says – if Carlsberg did hairdressers they would do this one!


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@RoCoHairDerry or www.facebook.com/rocohair


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