G Spots! A Budget Busting Burger Joint

burger_and_fries_1Let’s face it there are very few of us that haven’t had a burger at some point in our lives, and if you are anything like me it swings from a tasty chargrilled one at a BBQ to a questionable 3am on from the chippy van!

A good burger is hard to beat – but it’s not as easy to find as it sounds. The latest kid on the eh, hot skittle is Five Guys in Belfast’s Victoria Square. Part of a global burger and fries chain, this has a lot to live up to as its products are ‘designer burgers’ and I hear with a designer price tag.

I knew it’s not really the place my girlfriends would be happy to go on a Friday night, mostly because it doesn’t sell NZ Sauvignon Blanc, and us wine lovers need a good Marlborough after a tough week in the office!! Instead I went with the other half as we wanted a pretty casual night and the menu is perfect for a man’s simple taste (ahem).

thumb_IMG_7820_1024Decked out like an American diner, the décor is perfect for date night with small cozy booths. It took me a while to work out the menu, but the staff are super helpful with advice and recommendations when I got a bit stuck.

We went for a cheese burger with a few toppings, which you can choose as many or few as you want for free (pickles, mushrooms, onions, jalapeños), a hot dog with cheese, pickles, onions, (lots of) cajun and plain chips, strawberry milkshake and Brooklyn Lager. The man friend was super impressed – burger and beer…can’t beat it with a big stick apparently. This came to £28.50, which let’s face it is more than your average fast food joint, but it is a premiere outlet and I guess being in Victoria Square means the price is going to be a bit more expensive than the norm. It didn’t seem to put people off as the place was pretty busy and I hear it’s like that throughout most of the day.

IMG_7822But more importantly, how did it taste? The cajun chips are a-maz-ing as was my yummy strawberry milkshake. The man friend loved his burger, but we weren’t really dying about the hotdog – however that could be our taste. Overall it was an enjoyable meal, but I personally wouldn’t eat burgers everyday of the week… but they are great for an occasional treat. I would say that this is place to come if you want a quick relaxed meal in between picking up some shopping in Vic Sq or maybe if you are heading to the Odeon this weekend to catch the latest Bourne movie.

It’s maybe not somewhere for a first date if you are on a budget, unless you plan to have a kiss in the back seat of the bus and not the back seat of a more expensive taxi! Overall worth a try, even for the massive box of free peanuts available for every customer! Enjoy.

*Top pic credit Five Guys

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