Fred there’s loads of bread!

I’ve had a bit of a bread thing going on lately as I’ve attended two events, both about Belfast based businesses owned by Associated British Foods PLC.

Super Toasty

Our first visit was the Kingsmill factory just off the Castlereagh Road to check out behind the scenes as they prepared for the launch of their new white bread Super Toasty loaf. It was a fascinating and exclusive insight into this huge bread producer in Belfast. My behind the scenes tour video over on Facebook has had thousands of views so far. We clearly love our bread!


Happy Birthday Neills

Then we went along to Tedford’s restaurant for a beautiful meal to celebrate the birthday of Neill’s flour. Incredibly Neill’s flour mill is right in the centre of the city. Tucked in behind a row of houses just beside the old Met college at College Place North, the factory mills wheat it imports from across a Europe.

Jenny Bristow chucking Neill’s flour about.

Here are a few facts about Neill’s:

  • James Neill founded his very own flour mill three years before the completion of Belfast Castle 
  • And 39 years before the nearby Belfast City Hall was built
  • The mill is still on same site where it opened in the countryside 150 years ago in 1867
  • They quality control the flour every Monday by baking various products to make sure the product does its job
  • The company mills all types of flour including Self Raising, Golden Fleece Plain, Self Raising Soda Bread Flour, Fine and Coarse Wholemeal flour.
  • Coming soon: GF flour
  • In the early 1960s, Neill’s Flour became part of Allied Mills, which in turn is part of Associated British Foods PLC.
  • Associated British Foods PLC also own Primark!
  • For more information go to


More bread!

Do you like hot cross buns?

Marks and Spencer have launched an alternative collection of the Easter classic. 

Cheese hot cross buns anyone? They are great toasted. If you fancy something sweeter, Chocolate and Orange is good! They are available in store now.

Fred there’s no bread

Oh and this……legendary! 

Jeff x

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