Live at the Limelight: Foxes

Live at the Limelight: Foxes

Last night (23 Feb 16) Foxes arrived at the Limelight in Belfast for the first gig of her 14 date UK and Ireland tour.

The Grammy award winning artist arrived on stage 20 minutes after Matt Wills had entertained us with a great set including covering Craig David. Was he even born when Craig David started his career? If you go to a Foxes gig on this tour, make sure you arrive early enough to enjoy Matt.

Foxes arrived on stage to a huge roar as she stood on the top step of her set and kicked off the show. Immediately the mobile phone generation had cameras in the air to Facebook, tweet, record and mainly snapchat Foxes’ every move, myself included to an extent. At times I felt like I was watching the gig on other peoples little screens rather than the artist herself.

Foxes encouraged us to show her stars as she performed and the audience lit up their mobile phones leaving the Limelight venue looking and sounding beautiful as Foxes sang Holding on to Heaven.

In the mix on the night was an unusual cover of Justin Beiber’s Sorry. Stripped back and slowed down, we all sang along to the song which, as Foxes said, the whole world knows.

Foxes is one of those artists with a great voice and songs who can’t quite get the chart success she deserves but who is a superstar. Now with 2 albums full of great pop songs released, Foxes is fun, cool and personable. She has a refreshingly often 80’s feel to her live music and also unusually, sung with great clarity. Speaking of Clarity, that Grammy winning song, what a track! And great to hear it live.

The Limelight is up there with Mandela Hall for our favourite venue in the city. We haven’t been since its Limelight 1 reopening, which unbelievable happened in 2012!! Where have we been. It’s great to see it hasn’t lost its cool vibe. Note to self, let’s not leave it so long next time, mainly because, along with Mandela Hall, the Limelight is the place to go to if you want to catch up and coming artists before they hit the big time. Who remembers seeing Ellie Goulding play there in 2010 on her first ever tour?  That was another great night, long before she went on to play the bigger venues around the world. We are hoping the same for Foxes, she deserves it!

A great night and an iconic venue.

Jeff Meredith

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