FNT Live at the Shoe Factory

After making history as the first NI comedy group to receive Channel 4 backing for the Edinburgh Fringe, FNT Live are finally back in Belfast for their ‘Homecoming’ gig.

During the festival, the comedy group were receiving five and four star reviews for their show, but are glad to be back on home turf for a gig at the ‘Shoe Factory’.

Creator Jordan Dunbar says “The Festival was a killer. At one point we had 22 of us in a four bedroom flat. Any Northern Irish comedians who were homeless ended up staying with us. We were like the comedy Barnados!”. Luckily for the budding comedy stars the land lord never found out!

This was a far cry from the luxury Britain’s Next Model finalist Diona Doherty was used to “I had spent 2 weeks in a five star hotel in Dubai with Elle MacPhearson and now I’m in a flat with twenty one smelly comics and a broken shower”

The comedy show has been gaining plenty of fans at home and abroad with locals Zoe Salmon, David Meade and Holly Sweeney along with big names like Jennifer Saunders, Tyson Beckford and Sisqo enjoying the Ulster joke merchants.

Their homecoming show will be the group’s first performance at their brand new venue, The Shoe Factory in Union Street.

FNT Live will be performing at the ‘Shoe Factory, Union Street Bar’ on 22nd November at 7.30pm Tickets £5 available at www.panicdots.com/tickets

***** Five Stars-“A must for comedy fans” Panicdots.com
**** Four Stars- “Something for everyone, don’t miss!” three weeks
“NI’s Most Extreme Comedy Sensation” Sunday Life
“Most Promising Comedy To Come Out Of Here For Years” Belfast Telegraph

Post Author: Belfast Times