Florrie and Uber Glitterati at the Stiff Kitten

Many of you have never heard of Florrie, a fact which unfortunately was evident when the utterly refreshing talent that is Florrie appeared on stage at the Stiff Kitten on Friday evening to an audience of 40. The turnout was extremely disappointing, and almost embarrassing as Florrie has a bright future ahead of her.
Currently unsigned and coming to the end of a Uk and Ireland tour, Florrie didn’t let the lack of support dampen her performance.
Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist and was employed as Xenomanias drummer in 2008 before embarking on her current journey. If you want to hear more, why not checkout her website at http://www.Florrie.com
You will thank me and you’ll regret not getting to the Stiff Kitten last Friday!
I should also mention the great electropop Belfast based two-piece Uber Glitterati, they were a pleasant surprise (very pleasant!) and I now need to check out their website and get some of their tracks downloaded.
What a great night!

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