Did I get fit for summer?

As my two month summer gym membership at Culloden Estate and Spa comes to an end I thought I'd talk about how much just two months of exercise has changed my everything.

No I haven't got super fit and lost tonnes of weight, but I have regained a love of exercising and moving, and it's done wonders for my gym confidence and my aches and pains. And I guess that's all a step in the right direction.

One change is the confidence in my abilities. I have good form apparently, which helps! Even just to be told that helps confidence, because then I'm not feeling like a twit exercising. Saying that, there's nothing wrong with looking or feeling like a twit. Because, no one cares, at least it's better than sitting on the sofa eating ice cream. As long as you have someone helping you; to guide you in the right direction.

That's where a good personal trainer helps. A good PT will make sure you are doing it right. A good PT will help you tailor and create a training programme which suits your needs. And a good PT will push you to achieve more but not kill you and put you off. A good PT will take into account your injuries and issues and work with you and work around those issues. Well that's what I think a good PT should be!

That's exactly where PT sessions in the Culloden helped. At 48 I have my issues, we all do, it's life. So I got a training programme which avoided aggravating and supported my body to avoid the pains. And oh my goodness… they've nearly gone altogether. It was all about the baby steps and the confidence in pushing myself a little more every time.

Two months has flown in. It's been just enough to start creating a new routine. It's been just enough to relight the fire and to prove to myself that I can get back to what I used to do. And now more than ever, my drive to achieve that is ready and waiting to get stuck into getting stronger and more confident. And strangely though, I'm not focussed on losing that 2 plus stone, I'm focussed on building that strength. But slowly, we don't want those lingering chest and back pains to come back!

My journey at the Culloden gym might be over thanks to their two month taster membership package but I'm planning on continuing this fitness journey, so watch this space!

Jeff x

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